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Lack of familiarity with new C-USA 'scary', 'kind of crazy

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“It makes it exciting,” said North Texas coach Dan McCarney. “We’ve all studied each other in the out-of-season, watching tape and seeing what they have and all that. But you get a lot better feel when you’re coaching against those teams and those coaches and those programs year in and year out — the tenacity, the style, the toughness. How does that team or coaching staff or program handle adversity, how do they handle success in your experiences coaching against them, as opposed to just watching them on tape?”

In a reconstituted league like this, a team with a good offensive line or a good quarterback or a couple of playmakers on defense can almost count on scoring an upset over a favorite like Tulsa or East Carolina.

read more: http://www.tulsaworld.com/blogs/post.aspx/Lack_of_familiarity_with_new_C_USA_scary_kind_of_crazy/54-21402

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    • By Coach Andy Mac
      DENTON, Texas — Full cost-of-attendance for out-of-state students at the University of North Texas runs about $36,000 a year.
      Mean Green quarterback Mason Fine has repaid the school for his scholarship several times over — even if it was the only scholarship offer he got.

      In 2015, when Fine was a record-setting high school quarterback at Locust Grove, Okla., North Texas averaged just 13,631 fans per home game. A total of 68,155 went through the turnstiles that year. In 2018, when Fine was winning his second consecutive Conference USA Offensive Player of the Year award, UNT brought in 23,355 fans per game, a total of 140,131 and a 71 percent increase in ticket sales.
      “For a long time, I think everybody looked at North Texas from the outside and said, ‘That’s a place that ought to be pretty good: great location, 40,000 students, a rapidly growing area of the country,’” UNT athletic director Wren Baker recently told Sporting News. “And Mason has been a key part in helping turn the program around, which in turn has had a huge influence on the university. Record-setting donations, not only in athletics but at the institution, (and) freshman enrollment is up like 15 percent this year.
      “Is he solely responsible for that? No. But has he played a big part in probably the No. 1 marketing tool of the university’s success? Yeah, he’s had a huge impact.”
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    • By Harry
      It is an uncomfortable alliance that brings together 12 schools for the Conference USA Basketball Tournament in Tulsa this week.

      Why teams are leaving C-USA for a new league with no name and basically the same teams is emblematic of everything that is wrong with conference realignment.

      Much of what has happened in conference realignment makes little sense. However, the shifting alliances between Conference USA and a yet-to-be-named league with pretty much the same lineup is the strangest move of all.

      Many believe Tulsa, in the very near future, will join the C-USA defectors in a new league formerly known as the Big East.

      Any resemblance between the old Big East and the new version, whatever it's called, is pure coincidence.

      Seven Catholic school members of the Big East are taking the name of the league with them to form a new basketball-only league.

      That means the league so many C-USA schools seem eager to join has no name, no history and no details of an agreement.

      There are good reasons why Boise State and San Diego State jumped at the first chance to abandon the no-name league and return to the Mountain West Conference.

      One has to wonder why some Conference USA schools wouldn't follow the lead of Boise and San Diego State and stay in C-USA.

      Read more: http://www.tulsaworld.com/sportsextra/article.aspx?subjectid=203&articleid=20130313_203_B1_ITISAN567879
    • By Harry
      Tulsa may already be in the best position possible for the new BCS formula and playoff.

      In 2014, just one slot will be available to the highest ranked team from five conferences, the so-called "group of five." That group includes
      Conference USA, the Big East, Mountain West, Mid-America and Sun Belt.

      The five power leagues will each be guaranteed one slot in the new BCS bowl and playoffs. Those leagues are the Big 12, Big 10, Southeastern,
      Pac-12 and ACC.

      The "group of five" conferences will get an average of about $17.25 million (25 percent of the new contract's payout) each, and the five
      power conferences will each receive an average of about $91 million (75 percent of the payout), according to an ESPN report.

      So it begs the question: If moving conferences doesn't involve moving up to one of the five power conferences, why do it?

      That's the question facing Houston, SMU, Memphis, Boise State and the others that have jumped from one "group of five" league to another.

      In other words, what's the advantage? Answer? None.

      Maybe you'll get a little more television revenue, but even that is in question. There is no way anyone with the Big East can predict what the
      new television deal will be for the Big East or how it will stack up against the Conference USA deal.

      It might be wise for TU to follow the path of Northern Illinois, which turned a Mid-America Conference championship into an Orange Bowl
      invitation. Or Boise State, which beat up on a weak WAC to become the darling of the non-BCS leagues.

      Read More: http://www.tulsaworld.com/sportsextra/article.aspx?articleid=20121224_203_B1_TULSAM110266
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