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Pelini already seeing benefits of C-USA move


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"The stability that it gave us — it's something that as a coach you worry about," Pelini said. "You watch all these moves happening and you know that the move is towards mega conferences, so you want to be relevant in that discussion, and I think Conference USA, having a larger national footprint, is relevant in that discussion ... our association with them provides us with a lot of stability."

Pelini's predecessor as coach, Howard Schnellenberger, said that his successor's position is highly enviable.

"He's been given another selling point to bring in the best football players he can bring in," Schnellenberger said. "He's sitting in as beautiful a spot as any coach in America ... the position we're in, everything lies ahead for us, not behind us, and to be the guy to take it to the championship level, he has all the tools he'll need."

Both Schnellenberger and Pelini said they believe the move will make more South Floridians FAU fans.

But Schnellenberger noted that the move alone won't cut it: "This has to be followed up with success."

Read more: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/fau-owls/fl-fau-owls-news-1130-20121129,0,7865368.story

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How will moving to Conference USA impact FAU football?

The Owls will move to a conference that has more bowl tie-ins (Seven instead of two with the Sun Belt) and a better TV package both in terms of revenue and chances to be on TV. The Sun Belt had a good year against Conference USA this season, going 6-2, but the caliber of competition is getting better in C-USA.

How will moving to Conference USA impact FAU basketball?

Conference USA has been a tough basketball league through the years, but that was due mostly to the teams that have left or are leaving soon. The conference has had some seasons recently when it has had just one bid to the NCAA Tournament and that could be happening more often.

What about other FAU’s other sports?

The travel will be tougher, than in the Sun Belt but such is life in Division I athletics these days. However, one coach told me it will not be as difficult as one would think because Conference USA cities are in cities with larger airports and are easier to get to than Sun Belt towns that often require a long bus trip after you land at a large airport.

Read more: http://www.fauowlaccess.com/articles/333/faqs-for-faus-move-to-conference-usa.aspx

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