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The best thing Dodge left us with


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While we love to bash on Dodge for all his failures, one really sticks out to me is Dodge's overhaul of JUCOs, particularly in his 2010 recruiting class when he was given that 4th year.

Even though those JUCOs are now gone or didn't pan out, we are left with 11 of the 12 high school players from that class.

These high school players are (classifications for next year):


- Zach Orr (4-year starter, probable 1st-team all-conference pick this year)

- Will Wright (4-year contributor, started games in multiple years)

- Aaron Bellazin (4-year contributor, 5 sacks this year)

- Richard Abbe (4-year contributor, started games in multiple years)

- Brelan Chancellor (4-year starter at returner, 3-year starter at wide receiver)

- Brandin Byrd (4-year contributor, leading rusher this year)

- Zach Olen (4-year starter at kicker)

Redshirt Juniors

- Antonio Johnson (4-year starter, potential all-conference honors)

- Mason Y'Barbo (4-year starter, potential all-conference honors)

- Derrick Teegarden (4-year special teams contributor, provides depth at wide receiver)

- Blake Dunham (3-year starter at long snapper)

While these players are not all all-conference players or even starters, the fact that over 90% of these guy are still here for their fourth year really speaks a lot towards Coach Mac, who didn't even recruit them. It goes to show that even if you are only getting two-star and occasional three-star players, as long as you are able to develop them and keep them at your school then you will have a chance.

This senior class, plus the five 2009 class redshirt seniors (Thompson, Boutwell, Jackson, Prior, Anyiam) and walk-ons that have had successful careers and, in some cases, earned scholarships should provide for a solid senior class next year to go along with a solid core of underclassmen.

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