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I hate to see Nick go too, he plays balls out and you gotta respect that.

Check out this starting lineup:

PG: Nash

SG: Finley

SF: Nowitzki

PF: Jamison (they could switch, it doesn't matter)

C: LaFrentz

The only question mark is now backup PG. I know Nellie has always said he saw Dirk becoming a "point forward" a la Scottie Pippen. I think Dirk could do that, but he probably can't bring it up against pressure. Finley sure as heck can't bring it up on pressure either, so it will be interesting to see what Nellie does there.

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I hate to see Nick go, but I think this trade definitely makes the Mavs better. Jamison is a stud, and he will definitely create the new Big Four. I think Fortson is a good pick up as well, much better than anyone we sent to Golden State. As for backup PG, I have heard some mention on the radio that Cuban is still going to go out and get one somewhere. I've heard names such as Rod Strickland and Travis Best.

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I don't think anyone can argue: without Nick Van Exel, we don't make it past Sacramento last season (with or without Webber)

but, this trade makes us better. We now have a post up scorer. It doesn't make us any better defensively, but the '03-'04 Mavs will be better than the '02-'03 Mavs.

Does that get us past SA, LA, or Sac? I don't think so. Not on Paper. But we'll see.

But we are a little more athletic now.

That's my basketball opinion until October-November. See ya'll then. wink.gif



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Looks like Travis Best will come on as the backup to Nash.

Good player, he has been clutch in playoffs in the past, so we know he has some doo-dads.

Does that get us past SA, LA, or Sac?

I don't know if it gets us past San Antonio, but LA and Sacramento should be trying to get past us. wink.gif

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I think Danny Fortson could be the key to the trade. If he gets his head screwed on right and rebounds like he did two years ago (11+ per game), he could be the inside presence the Mavs need.

I don't know if this trade makes up the gap that San Antonio, Sacremento, LA (and Minnesota, maybe) established with their deals, but it does put us back in the thick of things.

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