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SIGNED - 2012 JUCO - Keith Coleman - 6'10" C

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Coleman racked up three double-doubles last season for the Tigers, including a 17-point, 13-rebound outing against Southwestern (Iowa) CC. He shot 57.1 percent from the floor on the year and was named Honorable Mention All-Region XI.

"I don't think Keith is a good get for North Texas - I think he's a great get," said JUCO expert Mike Mitchell, who co-hosts a Dallas tournament for the top 60 junior college teams in the country. "I had him as a top-five JUCO prospect in the nation, and I thought he was a great signee for Nebraska. With Keith lining up with Tony Mitchell every day I think North Texas' potential is through the roof. This is a legit guy."

Following his time at Lee (Maine) Academy, Coleman was rated as the No. 23 center in the country by Scout.com and No. 37 by ESPN.com. Coleman, who checks in at 6-10 and 250-pounds, was listed as a three-star prospect by Rivals.com.

“When I came to North Texas it really felt like home,” Coleman said. “From coach Benford, to Tony Mitchell and the rest of the guys, I really had a great connection with all of them, and I can’t wait to get to Denton and get started.”

Coleman joins point guard P.J. Hardwick as the first signees under Benford. The Mean Green has averaged 21 wins per season over the last six years, and has reached the Sun Belt Tournament title game in each of the last three years. North Texas will be joining Conference USA for the 2013-14 season.


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If I remember right, this guy was playing a 6th man role with his JUCO team. That's a little concerning... But, he was also a Freshman in terms of eligibility, and JUCO coaches do tend to start and spotlight guys who are sophomores and will have to move on. So, maybe it's not as big a concern?

This probably answers any lingering questions about Odoh, for better or worse. I hope we let him out of the LOI quickly so he can land somewhere. Tough situation for him... Verbal and retraction at Southern Miss, LOI and release from us... I hope he can get himself somewhere that allows him an opportunity to play and get an education.

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Has anyone thought that there might be more attrition coming than just Forrest? Not sure who else would be a candidate unless there is a medical hardship coming that we don't know about.

At this point I'm not too worried about attrition because this team has all the pieces in place to do something really special next year. I think that in itself has played a big factor into most everybody staying here. And now with the addition of Coleman, the sky is the limit.

Here's some more reading to do on Coleman from the Nebraska board.


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From the Rivals story:

Rivals recruiting expert Eric Bossi watched Coleman play at Lee Academy, and called described watching him as watching "a grown man playing with high schoolers."

Said Bossi of Coleman: "He doesn't waste any time on the perimeter and is all about trading blows and doing the dirty work near the hoop."

"Coaches like that I'm a big guy and play like one," Coleman told Rivals.com. "I get out there, bang, rebound, score if I can."

I'm in.

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Actually, this looks to be a GREAT move. As a freshman, he was able to come off the bench and score 8 points, 7 rebounds, and nearly 2 assists. Nearly a double double. Ain't to shabby. Plus, that does not even explain the intangibles that a 6'10 250 pounder has, especially in the paint. Lastly, it doesn't hurt that he is one of the Top 25 Juco players in the nation.

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ESPN Analyst

Updated 04/07/2011


Coleman is a physical specimen with explosive power and leaping ability. He's just as strong in his lower body as he is his upper body and able to elevate through contact to make plays around the rim on both ends. He is a big time finisher who dunks with both ...

Boys, we got our self a beast
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Hope coach Benford didn't do Odoh wrong in order to get Coleman. Maybe we're going to get both and Robinson is actually gone?

Wish we had a real scoop on this...

Do Odoh wrong how? Odoh was JJ's player. If a new coach comes in and has other ideas there's nothing wrong there. I'm sure Benford at least watched tape/scouting reports/considered Odoh.

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Sounds like Odoh is definitely out, and NT maybe the bad guy in this. NT can release Odoh but he can also hold NT to the scholarship. Not something that is usually done, because you don't go where you are not wanted. Those that remember far enough back will also remember that Trilli had a couple of signees that disappeared when JJ took over.

Coleman seems just what the team needs, but those his numbers certainly do not seem to indicate he is a top juco player. Most have been a loaded team that he played on.

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Do Odoh wrong how? Odoh was JJ's player. If a new coach comes in and has other ideas there's nothing wrong there. I'm sure Benford at least watched tape/scouting reports/considered Odoh.

Odoh signed a Letter of Intent to attend North Texas, not to play for JJ.

Now, it appears that is no longer the case, and it has been reported that Benford has not met with Odoh. Sounds very fishy...I hope this isn't the Buzz Williams influence showing through. Now, it may be difficult for Odoh to sign with another school because it's so late.

I'm just saying I hope Odoh was not released from his LOI (if he even was... we don't know) without speaking to coach Benford, because that would be wrong.

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NU recruit Coleman remains an enigma

Coleman didn't qualify academically out of high school, so he spent a year in prep school at Lee Academy in Maine. He was expected to play a second year at Lee, but transferred this fall to Marshalltown.

"To have three years left, I could think of about 60 schools that would drool over having a guy like that," Brynjarsson said.

Last winter while at Lee Academy, Coleman had scholarship offers from Virginia Tech, La Salle, Rutgers and Seton Hall. After his move to Marshalltown and an appearance at a showcase event late last summer, Brynjarsson said, he took calls from Iowa, Missouri, USC and Penn State.

An April 2011 evaluation from ESPN's basketball insider recruiting site addressed the challenge ahead for Coleman, and why he intrigues recruiters.

"Keith is still very raw with a limited understanding of the game. He takes very bad shots, rifles poor passes, doesn't know how to establish position in the post and lacks a go-to move.

"Despite his flaws, there simply aren't too many players out there who can match his combination of physical gifts."

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