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Whitney Houston Dead

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Really sad...a waste of great talent. Just when will these folks start to realize that mixing drugs and alcohol is not a good thing and it's not a "safe social" way to have to "good time"? Seems these celebs and musicians and athletes think it is OK to do "recreational drugs" as they are just for social needes...can't hurt anything or lead to abuse, can it?????

Really hate to see this...great signer...great talent...great waste!

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I hate to say this but the National Enquirer got a story right.

They actually are the best source for investigative journalism. Kick the crap out of all the "respected" news sources.

I never thought of her as an iconic superstar. Sure she had some gargantuan hits but she hasn't been relevant since The Bodyguard. And is anybody surprised how it ended the way it did? She was pretty wacky.

Probably one of the best voices ever to grace this planet. Don't believe me? Simply compare her version of "I will always love you" to the version done by Jennifer Hudson on last night's Grammy telecast. Hudson (definitely no vocal slouch) could not hit notes that a young Whitney Houston could hit with ease.

The only reason she is irrelevant is because she made herself that way through continued drug use. So sad.

She not only had gargantuan hits, she holds so many billboard records it isn't funny. Seven consecutive #1 singles to start her career (3 from the first albim, 4 from the second). The only artist (male or female) to have 7 consecutive #1 singles. This also tied her with Madonna for most #1 hits by a female in the 80s (Whitney was only releasing recods in half of that decade). The afore mentioned "I Will Always Love You" was #1 for 14 consecutive weeks, make it the longest running #1 hit for any female recording artist AND for any song from a movie soundtrack. Whitney's debut album was at the top of the album charts for 14 consecutive weeks, second to only Carol King's Tapestry among female singers. In the Billboard 200's 54-year history, Houston is the only artist to have three number one albums to top the chart for 11 weeks or more.

Those are just some of her creds. Pretty strong, brother.

To Whitney, BIH..... oh wait, I mean RIP. Seems that the most talented are often the most troubled.

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Whitney Houston...I couldn't care less what this druggie did to herself...already tired of all the platitudes and memorials...sorry it happened, but it was going to happen sooner or later...no excuses, she made her choice...and wasted a gifted life in doing so...Happens way too often.

No, you are wrong...I have certainly not...nor will I forget the sacrifice of Lt. Michael Murphy...a real American Hero...but, I get your point. Amazing how and where society today places its values!

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