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Favorite Intro


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I've only been following the Mean Green as a homer since the 2005 season. I went to one game(at Baylor) prior to that in 1999, my freshman year at NT, because my gf's dad lived in Waco and one of my HS teammates played for Baylor. I heard around school that we had beaten Texas Tech but other than that, I was the typical(of that time) uninformed, uninterested student. I left NT in the spring of '01 and returned in the fall of '05 with a better head on my shoulders and became the addict I am now.

The point of this rambling is that I'm still relatively new to Mean Green fandom and came across my favorite NT intro vid on youtube. I was curious what intros were like in the past and what some of your favorites were.

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I qualified my vote for the new stadium on the condition that AC/DC would never be played in the new house. I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb by saying that I doubt many of our players get pumped up for a game by a bunch of old rockers.

Nice vid though, I liked the chanting before thunderstruck came on.

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We need to get the new stadium rockin with some new tunes.

I would like to suggest the first minute of FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS by Metallica. :rock:

This would get the place going!!!!

Who would I need to speak with to make this a possibility?

If we could break away from the typical rock intro. I'd like something like this.

If not. Then this since they're from Texas.


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There was an intro prior to this one, still with Thunderstruck and the chant, that I liked a little better. It showed footage of the greats of the past, instead of just picks, and singled them out in the footage with crosshairs. Then it showed the recent footage edited so it looked like the ball was glowing green. I liked that one a little better.

If you buy the highlight DVDs, some have the intros of the time on them.

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I agree that the OP's video is one of the best I've seen.

However, given that the new stadium's audio system should be a major improvement over the HORRIBLE audio system at Fouts, they could could play a station test pattern/tone and it would be tons better than anything we've experienced in the past 20 years. I'm embarrassed every time I hear the over-driven, distorted audio intro played. Sounds like a teenager's $40 car stereo for the 80's cranked up to 11.

Luckily the embarrassment of the audio was offset by the impressive video presentation of some random, stuck graphics pattern on the small scoreboard. /sarc

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AC/DC still rock hard I still get chills every time I hear "thunderstruck" fwiw, always will. If we're going to set the tone though, why not Prong "Snap your fingers, snap your neck"

And I doubt the Prs would endorse Lil John or Lil anybody, but I'd go Ape feces to hear some Hip-Hop, anybody, accompany my Mean Green.

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I like the ending where the player turns around and his eyes are glowing green. I think I posted a picture of it I took off the scoreboard on the football Facebook wall. I have it as the wallpaper on my iphone. It's in the I Bleed Green Facebook photos. 5294_102221739788191_100000010972919_61438_6741843_n.jpg


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