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When UNT Builds Its New Football Stadium, What

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Plumm, let's make it our mission to get The SuperPit lighted the way it should be....smile.gif

JayDub, I 100% second that motion ! ! !

I believe it will now be Dr. Rafes who'll be in charge of such things that relate to campus facilities, maintainance, lighting, etc, etc, etc, and if that is the case, that is fantastic!

Fred Pole had that responsibility but has now retired as I understand it. IMHO, Fred Pole did a great job and one only has to look around our alma mater's entire campus to see this. Heck! Can you think of a time we didn't have construction going on somewhere on our campus in recent years? Fred Pole worked along side those in charge of the campus master plan.

AND BY THE WAY...I vote "FOR" ice in the cups at our football games!

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1. Most importantly, seats as close as feasibly possible to the field. None of this curved arrangement like at Fouts where the 50 yard line seats are even further from the field.

2. A fully enclosed stadium. Not necessarily seats surrounding the entire field, but buildings or dirt or whatever to make it more intimate and loud. This should be accomplished by having the field well below grade.

3. The second floor of the athletic building in the endzone should be offset 20 to 30 feet to allow for 6 - 8 rows of seats on the roof of the first floor. This would look so cool!

4. Stadium must be designed so that upper deck(s) can be added when necessary. My preference would be to have an upper deck on one side in the initial building, even if the total seating on that side was only 14 - 16K (9,000 lower, 6,000 upper).

5. First row of seats no less than 8 feet above field surface. I hate seeing a stadium where no one is sitting in the first 10 rows because you can't see over the people on the sidelines.

6. ICE IN DRINKS! Or just keep letting me bring in my own drink.

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Here are a couple things about the field I would change:

1) Keep the Eagle head at midfield, our combination of Mean Green, Eagles is unique and special and we should utilize it the same way Alabama does with thier name/mascot. (I don't care if it's "too cartoony", it's not the logo or field's job to intimidate, it's the team's).

2) The current endzones stink. The only place that outdated logo is used is the endzones. No t-shirts, hats, anything, made lately. It should be the simple green and white "North Texas" logo.

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I like the idea of lighting up the stadium so that everyone driving by can see that the Mean Green was victorious.

What about having an actual grass field rather than the astro-turf. There is just something nice about the way a real grass fieldd looks and it makes the games in the rain more exciting.


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If there is an upper deck on one side, I would choose the side that faces I35W. They could design the seats to spell out UNT in green in the upper deck for all to see while passing on the highway. This would be similar to TCU's homeside upper deck. I know this side would face the sun, but you can't pass up this marketing opportunity.

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Definitely, ice in the drinks. I get so mad everytime I go to a game- I alsways seem to forget that they just sell the bottle drinks. Man, I want soem ice to crunch as I get into the game. I don't chew or dip-I crunch ice!! And I want a real fountain drink when I watch the football game. Surely we can swing that!

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