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UNT vs. SMU, who will win


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I am afraid SMU is going to pound North Texas. Their team improved a great deal throughout the season while NT went from the penthouse to the outhouse. I think the only way UNT has a chance is if someone decides to step up and play quarterback and DD can find an offensive line to block for Thomas. Last year proved to ba a disaster and much of the blame was on the offensive line and the fact that the QB could not throw a pass. I do believe the UNT secondary is better than SMU's receivers and if they decide to throw the ball a bunch (which they usually do) it could help UNT out. What sucks the most is it is not even April and football is 5+ months away. Be glad UNT is playing SMU instead of TCU because it would be much worse.

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Question: if you were to bet a large sum of money on this game who would you pick?

I promise almost all of those 'yes' votes for us to win get taken off. I've worn the 'green colored glasses' (hell i've drinkin the green colored beer) and thought we've had a chance at beating UT and winning big OOC games in the past.

But in reality if DD coaches like he has in the past years, I see us losing by a big margin =( After seeing the crap that happened last year its hard to put faith in our head coach.

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Guest GrayEagleOne

If this were based on the squads of last year I don't think that we'd give them much of a contest. But this is a different year and this one will be hard to predict.

We should be better than last year and I don't believe that SMU will be as good.

If Thomas returns to form and our quarterback situation has improved as much as we think then we will be better, perhaps much better, than last year. Of course, we were horrendous last year. We ranked #116 of the 119 1A teams. We ran fewer plays than any other 1A team. Only Temple, Buffalo and Syracuse had fewer TDs. We had way too many times when we went three and out.

We weren't much better on defense either (ranking #103). But, this is a different year with a new defensive coordinator and schemes. The 3-4 will exploit our greatest strength, linebackers, while reducing our weakness in the defensive line. I look for Isaac Thomas and Chapman to have great years, several linebackers to be outstanding, and Weathers to continue as one of the best in the country.

SMU will not have an experienced quarterback and they lost 3/4 of last year's great secondary. Since they weren't very good on offense last year either, the loss of Romo may not mean very much. It's the key losses on defense that I believe could be their downfall.

I certainly would not bet the farm on our chances this fall but I'm still hopeful that we can change our poor record against out-of-conference foes. We've got to pull out every stop and play our best game ever because we HAVE to win this one.

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As I said, in a previous post. If Dickey doesn't have a winning record this coming season, he's gone for sure. This game is very important to his keeping his job. He will be prepared and so will Phil Bennett for SMU. They're both on the hot seat for their respective programs. Both could be fired next season as well... It's probably going to come down to the talent on the field. UNT 21, SMU 17.

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