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On a scale of 1 to 10...

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With 10 being the highest, how excited are you about the upcoming season?

I'm at a 5 which I haven't really felt this excited since the Dodge/McCarney days. 

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I'm at a 7. And of course a lot of that is (misplaced?) optimism. 
Too much worry about the future state of college football, but I enjoy the games too much to let it get me too far down. Whether it's just me or I can fill all 4 of my tickets, I almost always have a great time at the games. 

I think we can make the strides on defense we need to, but also have the pieces in place to stay strong on offense. 

I still hope I can make it to Mobile for the opener as it is soooo important we start off strong!

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Excited about the road trips. Unsure of the team until they prove themselves.

We've got a favorable start to the season but can we take advantage? I feel like we're like the Mavs who have issues in Game 1's. I think we could have "advanced" past many more nonconference opportunities in the past decade if they were determined in Best of 5 or 7 series lol. But we get down 14, 17, 21, or 24 to 0 too often.

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Look, this is it for me.  My wife won’t allow the image of a ball, regardless of shape, in the house after we get home from a NT FB or BB game.  Not proud of that, but that’s what I’ve got.  So you’re damned right I’m excited about the up coming football season.  10 ?  No.  I give it an 11.  GO MEAN GREEN

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