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North Texas Portal Entry Thread


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37 minutes ago, Shark84 said:

I never thought I'd ever agree with the "Drop Football" group but now I'm leaning that way. Put all our money into basketball and add baseball. I feel like I'm living in Bizzaro World!

Yup, this is why I have been saying to drop football. This is what we will be doing every single offseason. So let’s just drop it and pour our money into basketball and baseball. 

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1 minute ago, C Rod said:


Played in the SEC for 4 years. 2 years of eligibility left due to Covid year and injury redshirt season. Wants to come home and play his final two years. 


Make it happen!  Aren't you somewhat-close to his family?   If there's interest, please reach out and contact the coaching staff ASAP.

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And the NCAA can easily do something:

1 - ONE free transfer for underclassmen, period.  Anything else requires sit-out year.  No fake medical/family transfer BS.

2 - all COVID-era freebies (extra year, etc) terminate after the 2023-2024 academic year.

3 - An additional free graduate transfer allowed, provided the player has spent 2 or more years at the current school.

Make it effective August 1, 2024.

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1 hour ago, MeanGreen22 said:

Yall remember when the Light The Tower Collective had this big announcement that was pushed today and still hasn’t came out? Yeah, seems they crapping the bed behind the scenes. 

Put RV in charge....first dumb move.

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3 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

Put RV in charge....first dumb move.

When the donors that were responsible for an overwhelming amount of that collective's seed money want him to run it, then he runs it.   It's their money, they can choose who they want to oversee it.   

He wasn't appointed by anyone at UNT.   The school is not able to be a part of it.   

It is what it is.

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If we're being honest, this sucks but everybody is going through this, even the huge programs. Ohio State lost their QB as did other big programs. Looking at our competitors, UTSA just lost the AAC Defensive Player of the Year to the portal. Some guys will transfer elsewhere to ride the bench and some guys will need a home. It's up to our coaches to beat out the other AAC schools for their portal targets.

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And I'm going to add, nobody thought Rogers would do what he did. Looking at his ULM stats, there was absolutely zero way to predict his success this year. I'm confident the staff will get a transfer (maybe the local kid from Vanderbilt) and we can have just as potent of an offense next year. I'm more worried about the defense and offensive line.

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