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Game Day Experience (Week 4)

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27 minutes ago, untcampbell said:

So the Scrappy squad members get on the field before the game now?

My son (27) and daughter (24) were Jr. MGC members back at Fouts. The experience played a role in my son's decision to go to North Texas. He has never missed a home game in his life. Literally.



He did. He was on the field last season and this season during their pregame warmups. Kind of off to the side, though. He seemed to really enjoy it.  It’s been a good experience for him. 

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Was just going to ask if any pics of the drone show have been posted.  Is there a video of the entire show somewhere? Edit: Found a couple of versions.

I was really impressed with the show.  Hope we get more things like this in the future. 

I do give the AD a "ding" for not turning off the scoreboard or at least not putting up a black screen during the show.


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Thank you Jared. That was a first class event yesterday. Love the effort and all of these interesting outreaches will continue connecting us with the Community (Mean Green & Denton & North Texas). 

The Mean Green Live area was nice. I was flying solo this game so I wandered around more and that space is getting better. Loved watching the Baylor vs UCF game while listening to the band. The picnic tables and free standing tables were good to gather at. The weather in October and November should make these areas even more appealing. I would add at least one more big tv to have multiple games playing. 

The drone show was very cool. FC Dallas does this throughout the season and it’s always a hit. Eventually people will figure out its worth staying for the show and those stands will remain packed. Kudos to the Green Brigade for playing You’ll Never Walk Alone or their closing song until after the show. Good synergy between the band and piped in music operator all night. Yeah, just darken the scoreboard for greater effect. 

Love the water stations. They were so helpful to remain hydrated. I couldn’t find them at first and one worker asked was not sure where they were. I stumbled upon them appreciatively. 

The Alumni Pavilion was inviting. Love they are focusing on being more warm and welcoming this season, not just membership driven. It’s a great space to gather and catch some score updates.

The families I was sitting around were all having a great time. I thought it was a good turn out for ACU. The Wildcat supporters were friendly too and it was nice to welcome them to Denton. 

Yesterday I felt more of what Mosley wants to do from the business community connect perspective. I like it. 

Lastly, keep those boards nice and bright without resolution issues. A great quality look that is bright and constantly keeping us posted on what’s going on around the CFB world. 

How cool was it to see the National Champion Polo Team on their horses Gallup from end zone to end zone. Glad the fireworks and cannon didn’t spook the beautiful animals. 

Fun stuff. Everybody did just enough to get us to 500 before October. 


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I had a great time as I usually do.  Some great observations made in this thread.  I drive right at 2 hours to the games, so I got a head start on the drive home and didn’t stay for the drone show.  I wanted to, but I knew I could be about halfway home by the time it ended.  Glad to hear it was worth staying for though.  Next time I might choose to stay.

Minor complaint:  Why can’t the NE scoreboard show more scores?  It kept showing the same 9 scores over and over.  I’ve noticed in the past they don’t show a lot of scores, but never realized it was so few.  I don’t want scores constantly running, but maybe during a timeout run through 20-30 different games. 

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