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TCU athletic director urges Congress to step in as NIL deals upend college sports


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WASHINGTON — A boom in Name, Image and Likeness deals is happening without appropriate guardrails, and Congress must step in to guide colleges and protect student athletes from unscrupulous people, Texas Christian University’s athletic director told lawmakers Wednesday.

“We now find ourselves in a wild wild west environment across college athletics with little accountability,” Jeremiah Donati testified. “Sadly, there are countless stories of student athletes and their families being exploited, deceived and harmed for others’ personal gain in these NIL pursuits.”

Donati and other witnesses at a House Small Business Committee hearing called for Congress to impose some order on the free-for-all that followed the 2021 Supreme Court decision allowing college players to profit from their own name, image and likeness....


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I doubt many schools even powerhouses life TCU like  NIL because it is a system that by definition can't be controlled by the coaches or athletic department.  

Sure, I think most of the big time schools do control NIL by indicating which players they want to interested parties.  However, it makes them very vulnerable to these NIL organizations and their members. 

At least, in the old days; when fans bought players for their favorite teams, they had to do in secret.   Now no one knows where NIL will led.   

I assume the IRS will require full disclosure and the players will be issued w-2s or contract labor forms.  



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I hope that most of the FBS will join with TCU in this cause.  Very few of the players have a name at this point and even far less have an image and likeness publicized.  I know that it's hard to expect Congress to do anything positive but I hope that this will be the exception.

Regarding the Light the Tower Collective, I believe that it has disbanded.  A few of the group formed the Mean Green Collective for Men's and Women's Basketball and in three days collected $100,000.00.  The creator of this board, Harry Miers, was part of that group.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that the collective group for football was turned over to a group that does this for a living (the same group that collected $4 million for Houston?).


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