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NFL looking into buying top 50 CFB names?

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Smut won't be happy with the Top 50 breaking away.  They just sold their soul to get into a P5 conference and now they'll get left behind again, lol!

Seriously, where is this defined line for who is in/out of the Top 50 group and who decides it?   Is it adjustable for additions and deletions like every 5 years?   NFL minor leagues on college campuses?   Do players even need to go to school?  Could be some interesting times ahead.

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I’ve said before that dropping football and licensing the operation of football to private operators is probably the best way forward for FBS football.

Say you have some millions you can afford to lose on a speculative investment. You don’t have NFL money, not even MLS money. Would you rather buy into XFL or USFL or North Texas football?

Brand is established. Facilities are in place. Have an established ticket buying base and sponsorship agreements.

You are seeking profit and your licensing deal to use the school facilities and intellectual property involves some upfront cash and a percentage of gross so you are looking to slash expenses. You want a union, College Football Players Association to get a salary cap and smaller rosters. It’s professional player development, maybe you cut deals so players can attend college, but that’s not going to be a requirement. Maybe you work out housing and meals as part of the player contract and licensing requirement. Million dollar coaches? Not hardly, think more like the half million of XFL.

You can end up with a nice little business. College is rid of its biggest Title IX headache and gets out from under a monster that has a tendency to suck up every available dollar that could fund other sports

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Now if we are just insistent on keeping amateur(ish) football the idea situation is kill the NCAA and have different governing bodies for the various sports. 

Men’s college soccer is less relevant to MLS than it once was because of the NCAA practice and development rules and NCAA has some rules differences though nothing dramatic. Simpler rules for playing in summer leagues like NPSL and USL2 would help as well as making things easier to be in academy play without fretting over losing eligibility. 

Rules that work for soccer might not work as well for golf where USGA can provide a good framework.

Basketball? Can work under USA Basketball or take hoops to the AAU where the colleges with their billion dollar tournament become the beast of AAU hoops and can use that influence to get AAU club basketball under control.

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