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***OFFICIAL UNT VS FIU In-Game Discussion***

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7 minutes ago, Side.Show.Joe said:

This is the most points FIU has scored in the last 5 years. Let that sink in. Heads need to roll. 

Good thing it's too late for the AAC to rescind our invitation. 

You are a joke and not a real fan

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Well haven't seen us look this bad since the before McCarney days.  I have zero confidence in what a newbie headcoach is going to do. At this point the best thing we can do is get at least 5 wins and be thankful for mediocrity. Otherwise all those great commits we have coming next year be gone.   Recruiting be gone.  They will want to film Unnecessary roughness II next year on campus.  

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1 minute ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

So is 0-12.

ACU is better than FIU.

I just want to reiterate….  We beat FIU last year 52-14, in a year that got Seth Littrell fired as a failure.

He has to be laughing.

Wow.   Can’t wait for Mosley & the staff to continue circling their wagons, ostracizing the fans even further after this abysmal performance that was EERILY familiar to Dodgeball.

He's definitely laughing now. Maybe not after last week, but is now. How could he not be? 

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2 hours ago, jazzer88 said:

There should never, ever be another post wondering why fans don't show up to UNT football games. It's not that it's a liberal arts school, music school, or a commuter school. No one shows because this team is not good and never has been. 

Bingo.  Which is why I have said we should drop football.  

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