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The Litigation Begins


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It asked for three things by Friday morning: a cancellation of Wednesday's meeting, no voting rights for the 10 departing schools, and a final confirmation that the only representatives on the Pac-12 board are from Oregon State and Washington State.


Oregon State, Washington State file complaint against Pac-12 - ESPN


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14 minutes ago, MCMLXXX said:

OSU and WSU have a legitimate concern over who controls the existing assets of the Pac12 going forward.  They themselves don't want to commit to joining another conference until it's resolved.

"The essence of Washington State and Oregon State's concerns, if the league's 12 schools formally meet, is that the current members could vote to dissolve or evenly distribute the remaining assets. Washington State and Oregon State consider themselves the only board members and are seeking to survey their options moving forward. They pointed to the conference's bylaws, which state that any notice of withdrawal from the league means a school "automatically cease(s) to be a member of the Pac-12 Board of Directors and shall cease to have the right to vote on any matter."

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6 hours ago, emmitt01 said:

This is a valid point made in the article.  It is the same point being made by some of elevating programs by conference need and then calling them now "P5 programs" simply by association with a new conference, also without any justification = Smut!  

Stanford and Cal earned the P5 status to join the ACC.   Smut bought their way into the ACC; they didn't earn anything.  All they wanted was the P5 label.  It shouldn't be for sale, it should be earned!  If Utah St, San Jose, etc think they are going to be P5's just by re-labeling the MWC as the new Pac12 then the whole system is even more flawed.     

"The other challenge is the fact that the report also indicated that just because they take the Pac-12 name, does not mean they will be considered a Power conference."

Here is the link to the other article it references; similar content...


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