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Roberts top receiver in Baylor Spring game

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         While Dabney and a handful of other players were coming back from injuries, Baylor had a total of 24 newcomers going through their first spring workouts with the program, including 10 Division I transfers.

            "I think it's really unusual to hit on all your transfers," Grimes said of a group that includes offensive linemen Clark and Campbell Barrington from BYU, running back Dominic Richardson from Oklahoma State, wide receiver Ketron Jackson Jr. from Arkansas and tight end Jake Roberts from North Texas.

            Sophomore transfer Sawyer Robertson from Mississippi State was part of a quarterback battle this spring with Shapen, the returning starter. On Saturday, Shapen was 11-of-20 for 100 yards and one TD predominantly against the No. 1 defense, while Robertson was 9-of-16 for 170 yards and two TDs versus mostly the second-teamers.

            "I look at Sawyer, I look at his ability to run, he's got a moxie and kind of a spirit that's contagious," fourth-year head coach Dave Aranda said. "I think his growth and his learning is just going to take off because of his want-to with everything."

            Coming off a disappointing 6-7 finish in 2022, for Shapen "to walk around and carry that can be heavy," Aranda said.

            "And then, to put in the work and to make changes and to confront the things that were holding you back, and to do it in a way to not bring attention to yourself but really just to focus on the specifics of the thing is a way cool thing to see," he said. "You see a dude just kind of grow up, really mature. So, that's happening right now for Blake, and we're excited for him."

            Robertson had TD passes of 14 yards to Jonathan Davidson in the first half of Saturday's scrimmage and a 57-yarder to Monaray Baldwin in the second half.
            "I saw a lot of energy, a lot of leadership," Dabney said of the two quarterbacks, "and I think they both showed that they can make any throw on the field and move the ball with whatever group they were in. I think we saw a lot of good things from both of them today. I'm so proud of both of those guys."

            Roberts was the game's leading receiver with five catches for 60 yards, while Richardson picked up 46 yards rushing on eight carries. First-semester freshman running back Bryson Washington led the rushing attack with 67 yards on 11 totes.

Read more:  https://baylorbears.com/news/2023/4/23/football-a-chance-to-put-on-that-jersey

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2 hours ago, NorthTexasWeLove said:

Who Cares Larry David GIF by Curb Your Enthusiasm


He played well for us. He wanted to choose his coach instead of Mosley choosing it for him. I have no hard feelings towards the guy. I wish him well just like Alberding.

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17 hours ago, Andrew said:

Let him go off and fail. Scared to play here… good riddance. 

Nope I hope Jake succeeds at the highest level possible. He wasn’t scared to play here, that’s silly. We don’t use Tight Ends, and he’s a great player that needs to be used in the right system.

Bad take.

BUT I will say, no need to post this topic on here when he’s gone. Who really cares other than the fact that we produce some good transfers.

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