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NIT Billboard in Denton looking good

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10 hours ago, Glory to the Green said:

We have billboards up, but they’re a bit more generic regarding enrollment and diversity. Not too many sports related.  I think you’re on to something..

This is a unique opportunity to Market our Athletic Program to those unknowing.   Schools get big application bumps with major sports achievements.

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This is a small, yet valuable, marketing action. We need many many more of these types of marketing actions coming from the AD to truly build the programs. I’ll say it again: UNT will never change the perception of the sports teams unless the AD invests in great marketing. This billboard is a perfect example of capitalizing on a huge win and educating the local community about it to start changing the perception. Bravo.

One way I would consider improving this billboard (or similar billboard in the future) is to make it more relevant to the average passerby by implementing a large, clean headline such as: “North Texas Beat Oklahoma State and Wisconsin to Win National Basketball Championship.”


1) You can read that in under 7 seconds as you pass the sign.

2) The average passerby probably isn’t likely to know the NIT name, so there’s risk they assume UNT won an insignificant championship. Mentioning two national athletic brands instantly brings more credibility. 

3) A headline like that conveys what happened and spoonfeeds people what they need to know; it provokes the thought, “Oh wow, North Texas must have been pretty good this year.” I bet over 40% of the people driving by the billboard as it is don’t fully know what to make of it because their eye is drawn to all the imagery and then they might catch “champs” at the last second. They might not process the UNT logo or name on the jerseys to know who the champs even are. Good imagery is nice, but good messaging will trump it every time.


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20 hours ago, NTEX91 said:

The same board was displayed today on Loop 820 in North Richland Hills.

One in Lewisville headed South just before the Hebron/121 exits too. 

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    • This is really cool considering that we're located in a significant zone and it will be happening during the game. To your question, I don't recall any major sports activity experiencing a > 80% eclipse.  I'm sure it's happened, but probably pretty rare. Note: This is the last annular solar eclipse that will be visible from the United States until June 21, 2039. Here's an animation of the affects/times for the entire Earth. https://science.nasa.gov/eclipses/future-eclipses/eclipse-2023/
    • The practice facility wasn't an issue getting Perry to NT.   Obviously it attracted you to NT also...
    • The odds line has went from Navy -5 to -6 points for our game. Navy hosted USF last weekend.  Navy controlled the clock 31 min to 29 min (expected with a running offense).  Navy rushed 48 times for 254 yds.  USF 44 times for only 135 yards.  However, Navy only passed 11 times for 90 yards, compared to USF passing 34 times for 338 yards.  In summary Navy had 59 plays to USF's 78 plays.  USF won 44-30. Navy will get their yards rushing, but we have to get a lot more passing!
    • Last 2 games against inferior schools (Dallas Adamson  & Dallas Spruce), Kerry had a 75 yard pick 6 (Adamson) and a 77 yard pick 6 against Spruce. Their overall secondary got off to a shaky start of the season but is improving. 
    • I had a great time as I usually do.  Some great observations made in this thread.  I drive right at 2 hours to the games, so I got a head start on the drive home and didn’t stay for the drone show.  I wanted to, but I knew I could be about halfway home by the time it ended.  Glad to hear it was worth staying for though.  Next time I might choose to stay. Minor complaint:  Why can’t the NE scoreboard show more scores?  It kept showing the same 9 scores over and over.  I’ve noticed in the past they don’t show a lot of scores, but never realized it was so few.  I don’t want scores constantly running, but maybe during a timeout run through 20-30 different games. 
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