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As someone who grew up in DFW area making several trips using I-35W it has always seemed odd to me that the Bonnie Brae St exit was the first and only exit for Denton on I-35W (if you don't count the exit for I-35E as an exit for Denton).    The FM 2449/Vintage Road exit does get you into Denton but at the intersection the exit takes you to you are in Ponder until you turn right (if you are traveling in the North Bound direction because if you travel South to anything owned by UNT you would not use I-35W at all).   My question is to anyone that cares what do you think of my proposed solutions to this issue and what would you do if you had the power.   I realize that we are at the mercy of Denton City/County government and Texas DOT.  Also if you know why infrastructure development of this area has lagged behind glaringly compared to the virtually every segment of the I-35E/I-35W triangle  it would be greatly appreciated.  Now that the sport complex is there and I travel to Denton using I-35W for UNT events it is traveling this way unnecessarily difficult imo.   Also if UNT leadership is full speed ahead on making plans for a basketball arena near Bonnie Brae in the sports complex I think this I-35W access issue is even more important. 

  1. Make an exit at Corbin Street and repair the bridge on Corbin Street.  (FYI* according to an internet search of Corbin Street a lot priced at 1.4 million is for sale along it)
  2. Get rid of the "Bonnie Brae" exit in favor of an Airport Road exit.  Improve and widen the Airport Rd bridge, make it more perpendicular to I-35W and logical 'T' shape intersection with Bonnie Brae.
  3. There are couple of properties on the west side of Bonnie Brae with access roads that connect to Bonnie Brae.   One those properties could be purchase and the private access roads could be improved, made public and connected to I-35W. 
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