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Update from Footballcoop.com (Monday Morning)

El Paso Eagle

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2 minutes ago, UNT Texas Hooligan said:

I just don’t understand how someone can honestly come up with Perry becoming the front runner candidate out of nowhere 

To see who the inside rat is that's leaking information to Football Scoop.

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34 minutes ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

Even then, how much money gets us an AAC championship?    ...because I'm not sure Perry as Head Coach does.    That's not a good tradeoff if you ask me.   I'd gladly tell Mac to keep his money if it could be someone else.   We've done alright without it for a while now anyway.

How much does new facilities and fund NIL monies improve chances of success? A bunch!

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40 minutes ago, meaniegreenie said:

I also doubt this will be very exciting for those currently on the roster and will not be advantageous in trying to keep players.
Bring in a big name and maybe you get them enthused and want to stay.

I'm definitely worried that we could end up hiring KP, but not gonna' get too freaked out until it is a bit more than an Internet rumor. 

If he is hired, it would be a major disappointment.

Perry had 3 HS head coaching jobs, spanning 12 years.  His biggest success was during his 7 years at Arlington Bowie with 2 seasons of 7-4 and 5 seasons with 10+ wins.

After that, he bounced around for 1-2 years at various jobs mostly as a special teams or recruiting coach.   His highest level of coaching was co-defensive coordinator at KSU for 2015-2018 (a team that went 6-42 in those 4 years).

From wikipedia:



Pay them $5,000 a month to those you want to keep.

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6 minutes ago, Pellom said:

Lmao Barnett’s source HAS TO BE Perry himself. 

*before interview* 

“dude, I’ve totally got the job”

*tanks the interview* 

“ah, hell, I always wanted to stay at Tech” 

The $mut basketball rejection method from last spring.

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