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Could we offer Seth to stay as OC?


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This arrangement would not only be a huge blow to Seth’s ego, it would create a strange new power dynamic in the locker room which could quickly become toxic and divide the locker room.

I don’t think there’s a snowballs chance in hell this happens because think about it… what new head coach would agree to this? Any HC worth their salt is going to want to come in with their coaches to instill their culture and vision. 

Case in point. Didn’t Seth turn down KState’s offer because they wouldn’t let him clean house and bring in his own coaches? 

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16 minutes ago, emmitt01 said:

Imagine for a moment being the CEO of a company, and then being asked to become the director of the sales department while a new CEO is brought in.

Nobody would entertain this for more than 2 seconds. 

Now, I am just kidding, but how about 2 billion nano seconds.

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5 hours ago, Jonnyeagle said:

I get that this is somewhat of a reach but was interested if this could be a possible way of handling the situation.  The player would remain happy as Seth is still here and we would get a new CEO to manage things.  For the record, I really believe Seth is an outstanding Offensive mind.

I guess you could offer it as a ploy to reduce the buyout?? I mean there is no way he will want to do it, but in order to get paid he might have to, so you may be able to renegotiate the buyout downward. Its the only reason i can see why one would want to do it, but it would look cheap to future head coach candidates.

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10 hours ago, Jonnyeagle said:

For the record, I really believe Seth is an outstanding Offensive mind.

🙄 Well then he must be a terrible recruiter for the offensive side of the ball especially for quarterbacks. For his entire tenure I think most on this board would agree with the assessment there has been more than sufficient talent on offense for CUSA level but they don’t consistently execute.  Now that may lay all with the lack luster QB play be an “outstanding” offensive mind should be able to compensate around that.  Let's look at offensive efficiency:


2019 Seth's offense ranked 107th

2020 Seth's offense ranked 70th

2021 Seth's offense ranked 98th

2022 on pace to be 56th

Nothing outstanding about those ranking.  And ironically for 2019 he had Mason Fine taking the vast majority of pass attempts.

I think your perception is clouded by bland run heavy tenures of Mac & Dickey.  Dodge doesn't even count because second half of games were usually just garbage time with just a little more instensity than a live scrimmage. I don't who to credit for our program's consistent production on the ground whenever we consistently attempt to run it.  We always seem to have good to great running backs here with OLs that are pretty good blocking.  I see nothing in the offensive numbers justify retaining Seth as OC.   If a head coach here wants to bring back Seth in 3-5 years I wouldn't have a problem with it.  He isn't in the class of Briles, Kiffen, Riley, Dykes, Leach or Sark.  Therefore I see no justification for such an unconventional move.  And it could possibly lay the foundation to fracture the new coach staff hierarchy when challenges inevitably come.

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2 hours ago, Matt from A700 said:

Some of the ideas on this board on Sunday mornings are even more ridiculous than the garbage those screaming heads on ESPN spew.

And as I lay out the facts this "out of the box" thinking has no logical foundation.  A lot of people on this board act like Seth is in his 3rd year of taking a FCS program up to FBS.  Not a program that been around over 100 years and most of the last 50 years at FBS level.   This is more that low bar mentality that a few people rolled their eyes at here.  Nothing about Seth's tenure here has been "outstanding".   Plenty of coaches could have  come here and replicated the mediocre results in bottom or second to the bottom G5 conference we've been in. 

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8 hours ago, Mike Jackson said:

Plenty of coaches could have  come here and replicated the mediocre results in bottom or second to the bottom G5 conference we've been in. 

If that’s the case why have we been so bad for decades.

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11 hours ago, Tom McKrackin said:

I am sorry but i disagree.  Seth is much better than McCarney or Dodge or even Dickey in a lot of respects.

Nothing tangible except his teams having a higher floor.  Dodge shouldn't even be in the discussion.  Dickey went undefeated back to back seasons + a half season in the old SBC.  Also Dickey had unacceptable facilities to deal with and we were relatively new to the FBS level when he took the job (1995 our first season back at  FBS Dickey hired 1998).

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