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Lame CUSA may only qualify five (5) for Bowls


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Looking at the current CUSA standings and the matchups next week.  There is a great possibility CUSA will only have five (5) Bowl eligible teams (6 wins).  Only four (4) if UAB fails to win at La Tech, lol.

The Dallas and Frisco Bowls may not be possible for us since those are extra Bowls determined among G5 conferences...

Conference USA doesn’t have a true pecking order. The bowls matchups are based on best possible matchups.

 Bahamas Bowl vs MAC
 EasyPost Hawaii Bowl vs Mountain West
– Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl vs American Athletic Conference
 New Mexico Bowl vs Mountain West
– R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl vs Sun Belt

To be determined among the Group of Five conferences …

 Cure Bowl vs Group of Five or Army
 RoofClaim.com Boca Raton Bowl vs Group of Five
 SERVPRO First Responder Bowl vs Group of Five
 Frisco Bowl vs Group of Five

Conference USA has an affiliation to fill-in if needed …

 Camellia Bowl vs MAC or Sun Belt
 Fenway Bowl vs ACC or American
– LendingTree Bowl vs MAC or Sun Belt
 TicketSmarter Birmingham Bowl vs American or SEC
 Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl vs ACC, American, SEC
 Myrtle Beach Bowl vs American, MAC or Sun Belt

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7 hours ago, Coffee and TV said:

Boy I'd really hate to be a woman that works under you. You've literally made it your life's goal to let everyone know she only has a job because of her vagina. We get it. 

That’s odd…I only have female employees and they are the best at customer service in our field.

it’s almost as if my professional career allows me to make a call on when someone sucks at their job, no matter the sexual reproduction they have.

But then again, I’m not one to care about that, either, unlike so many folks like yourself.

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2 hours ago, wardly said:

WK and MTSU will get the best bowls if CUSA can swing it. UTSA,UNT, and UAB not so much.

I think if UTSA wins Conference they would get choice of the five CUSA Bowls.  I bet they would take New Orleans; indoors and party city.   

The other Bowls probably then get decided by ESPN.   UNT would have a good shot at Ft. Worth, to bring a crowd.  Assignments may depend on school's finals, graduations and conflicts too.

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13 hours ago, UNTLifer said:

Nah, she just sucks at her job. Nothing to do with her sex organs. 

She does, but this guy thinks she only keeps a job because she's a woman. As if no man has ever spent too long in a position he didn't belong. And that's fine if that's his opinion, but he professes it like some incel who hasn't been touched by a woman in decades.

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1 hour ago, NT91 said:

Who wants another shot at SMU?

Man, I’d love to beat UTSA and SMU with our remaining games. Talk about momentum headed into next season. Hope it happens. GMG!

Side note:  I talked waaaay too much crap before our SMU game to a co worker.  That co worker reminds me of our loss daily.  Bring it!

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25 minutes ago, Coffee and TV said:

Because I saw the first game against SMU this year. I'm excited to get a rematch with UTSA.

Touché.  I’m a bit more green tinted lenses, but I see your point.

Before the UAB game, I was a lot more confident. I feel good about Rice, but we’ll see regarding the rest of the season.  Curb stomping Rice would feel good, but I don’t think it’ll tell us much about the team. A close win would be mildly concerning. A loss would be awful. 

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