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Another reason why I'm glad we're out of CUSA


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37 minutes ago, untjim1995 said:

In case you hadn't noticed, she sucks donkey balls at her job. Yet, she has stayed in that job since 2015, with great moves such as showing games on Facebook, for aligning us with bowl games in The Bahamas and in Hawaii, and for getting Jacksonville State, Kennesaw State, New Mexico State, and Sam Houston State into her conference. I wonder why?

Based on your observation, it has something to do with her vagina ?

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Had no idea my thread about CUSA’s new media rights deal would turn into a dick measuring contest but I guess that’s internet message boards for you 

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I guess this is a good move if you prefer TV money over getting fans in the stands. I’d rather them put the games on Facebook on a Saturday than play on Tuesday night, personally. There has to come a point where programs prefer fans in the stands over TV on a Tuesday for the G5 programs to ever grow their season ticket and donor bases.

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