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10/29 CUSA Scores


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19 minutes ago, akriesman said:

FIU earlier was looking like a gimme game.   They have really turned things around.   It should be a game our guys win.  But, you can't sleep on them now either.

I agree, uab and fiu are probably playing at about the same level right now. Then rice is before them in order of toughness. 

That being said, if the team that plays today showed up again for these games, we should win all three 

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15 minutes ago, rws69 said:

Assuming we beat FIU and Rice, we advance to championship even with loss to UAB sine we will have beaten all other two-loss teams. Not much chance of UTSA losing two and us hosting the championship. Plan on NT at UTSA on December 3.

I think this as well. My hope is that with UTSA's remaining four games they lose two of them. LaTech, UTEP, and UAB will have nothing to lose and may want to play spoiler to nUTSAack's repeat of hosting the CCG. Then Rice will have their back against the wall. They cannot afford to go down to three conference losses. A cornered animal will fight with all it's got.

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Our team cannot assume they will any of the remaining games. The league is very close and we can lose any of the remaining games. We should be able to win all of them, but that's not a given. Just because Rice lost to Charlotte does NOT mean they are terrible now. People who watched the UTSA game probably assumed stacking the line against the run would make us unable to win. We adjusted. Other teams can and will adjust, too. 

Our team has the ability to win all the remaining games including a rematch against UTSA if we play our best. I know a few think we were "blown out" by UTSA. The fact is UTSA had to go for it on 4th down and then make a clutch catch to come back in the final 15 seconds. That could easily have gone the other way. 

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