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Coach Andy Mac

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1 minute ago, peanuts104 said:

You know, I'm mad at the ending. But I'm more mad at the offense. We lost so many opportunities. This loss is on Aune.

This loss is on Aune. He is not good. An average QB, just average, throws for 400 vs the defense they were showing us all day. He, and SL allows it to happen over and over, throws for 40 something %. 

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4 minutes ago, El Paso Eagle said:

If we had managed the clock on the last series this game would be over

You mean run more clock between when UTSA called timeout and when we snapped the ball? What’s the best way to do that?

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21 minutes ago, Udomann said:

We lose this and there is zero reason to ever seen Aune step on the field again

I will watch WKU game and learn after the fact to learn what happened.  Announcer said "stolen" first place? Nah one team has a coach that can select and develop quarterback the other one doesn't.   Again no way we beat last year's game in Denton without that storm.   Seth is still here because because of storm.  🙄  That is freaking pathetic.   I won't be back to Apogee &$!& everyone who not on the team that had a role in bringing him back.  Bleeping wasted season setting them up for more failure when they join the AAC.  🤦🏾‍♂️

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Just now, El Paso Eagle said:

The sold out on the run because they know Seth cannot adjust
Our time management is pathetic 

The 20-17 UNT lead with 5:59 to go and we proceeded to run the ball 1 time and proceed to incomplete pass twice (to stop the clock) and go 3 and out. THAT drive was the game ender, IMO. 

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