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Shocked at how bad Phil Bennett’s defense is


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That’s the biggest gut punch this season is how much Bennett has regressed compared to last year. What the heck happened to him?  This defense looks really bad.  And he says he wanted the twins gone?  What a bad decision.  Littrell needs to get a real defensive coach in here if he wants to win anymore games.

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I’m impressed with all the talent evaluators in most all of the future AAC schools.  We need to start doing the same pretty soon.  Yesterday, we let a 2&10 team from last year run up 600 yards on us.  
I heard from a fairly reliable source that “the twins” were happy at UNT until they saw last February’s recruiting list & then how they thought we didn’t look like we cared.  ** Probably that we didn’t add a couple of tall interior DL recruits was at the top of their list? Looking at the portal transfer list may have added to their reasoning?  
I was hoping my generation didn’t have to go thru another one of this that we’re going thru now.
Hopes dashed. 


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2 minutes ago, PlummMeanGreen said:

Looking at the portal transfer haul  may have added to their reasoning?

Looking around watching different games it's crazy how the landscape has changed. Almost every game have to plays you here are transfer from. Watching one of the game yesterday that was FCS the announcer was talking about how many programs at the FCS and D2 level are having massive turnovers every year because of players leaving to go other places

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NIL is the bane of my college fandom existence. Shocking that UCLA, who used to just hire coaches away from G5s whenever they wanted, can now just buy our players.

Bennett’s days as a quality DC passed years ago. He had some decent defenses at Baylor, but we also know what was going on there, too.

But the team quit on these coaches yesterday. That’s all you need to know. 

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