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2 minutes ago, GMG_Dallas said:

Lol it takes time to get up to game speed. Anybody expecting somebody to come in and spark a fire on their first drive in the 4th quarter is being dishonest. Start him next game for an honest evaluation.

Aune seemed to do rather well off the bench in his first action.

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1 minute ago, CaribbeanGreen said:

Bruh you said you wanted to see UNT lose by 100 points. I definitely don’t agree with that trash. GTFO. 

And that is completely okay that you don’t agree with me. Like I said, you don’t have to. 

I also said you’ll get over it, which is also true.

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1 minute ago, El Paso Eagle said:

So Grant played poor in his first series after being out for over a year and people will say I see why he's not playing. Austin's been in our system years and still we don't win and everyone keeps being okay with it it seems

You keep picking these weird QB hills to die on when the defense is goatseing for Mordecai at a rare level even for us. I don’t think we have a QB in our history - or even the ability to craft several of them together - that could have made this game competitive. 

You and Bowler also keep doing this weird “look into the camera” style of posting like you’re scripting a podcast and making up people and stances to argue with. Who is everyone? Who is happy? 

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1 minute ago, El Paso Eagle said:

I know most of us are very frustrated and most of us predicted SMU would win but did we really think we would look this bad

Not this bad, I placed money on UNT to cover…… I don’t think that is gonna 😂

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