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If Littrell beat SMU will you forgive his past sins?


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1 minute ago, greenminer said:

You will def start reading articles talking about him beginning to "right this ship" and/or "figure things out"

And then there will be some other articles that talk about him "finally getting the right guys", like he didn't have the best QB the school has ever seen in his Senior season, and the best WR the school has ever seen for 2 out of those 3 losing seasons.

Littrell set his own bar in years 1-3.   It's time to get back up there or bail on him.   A win VS SMU would expedite that climb, but won't get him there, IMO.

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Competing for conference championship appearances/trophies and bowl trophies is the measuring stick. Not wins that do not matter in the grand scheme of things. We beat the lips off of a June Jones led SMU team and it moved the needle none. It'd be fun. I'd enjoy it. But it doesn't bar any weight in getting to a champ game or winning a bowl game. 

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No, not all of them, but it would help how I feel about his tenure. Also depends what SMU turns out to be during the season.

SMU is not as good a measuring stick as people seem to be thinking, because -given how much has changed there on roster and coaches - nobody knows. New HCs are a crap shoot. SMU could be great given the talent accumulated. They could also be a surprise dumpster fire and pull a Texas (last 10 years) one level lower (i.e. having lots of talent for that level, never doing anything with it).

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