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North Texas Announces Expansion of Football Radio Broadcast

cousin oliver

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I don't think we can hear the game in Denton though. The cell coverage is for the birds in the suites, no public wifi in the hub club and KNTU doesn't carry it live anymore (right?). I stopped bringing my radio device to games a few years back because I just couldn't pick up anything. Maybe it has changed and I can bring a pocket radio again. The last guy in America with a radioshack radio headphones... 


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4 hours ago, Tom McKrackin said:

I agree with you.  I say we keep Dave and dump Hank (he’s a fossil) and maybe bring in a former player like Craig Robertson now that he retired.

I don't get this old-man vibe at all.  Hank has wonderful energy for his age.

I have felt for all my Mean Green fandom that our broadcast is one of the best in sports.  Are you a fan of Monster Truck shows? or maybe Rough n' Rowdy?  That would tell me all I need to know.

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6 hours ago, PlummMeanGreen said:

I like our MGRN broadcast team & have for a long time.  
Do wish Fort Worth & the West O’ Plex had better reception, though. 

I remember when SL took the job, there was a HS WR from Aledo that said that he didn’t even know there was a North Texas…that’s an area that needs attention yesterday

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14 hours ago, Green Crazy said:

Just out of curiosity, why do you think he would be great? I'm not against a former player being in the booth or anything like that, but it's wrong to assume he would be good at broadcasting just because he played. 

I've spoken with Craig a few times over the years, he's a very smart guy and he speaks well. On top of that, he has a real energy for the game and i think he loves NT. 

Check out his retirement speech to see how he speaks, and note that he isn't reading a script, so he has the ability to improvise, like you would in the booth.

The real question is, would he commit time to the job. I know he has an oil and gas venture.

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20 hours ago, 9299 said:

Yes Craig would be great, however, Hank and Dave work really good together and Hank has so much knowledge about the history of NT sports I think it would be a mistake for him not to be in the booth. Lets keep a good thing going!!!!!!

Haven't been a fan of Hank since he blocked me on Twitter. I've never even @ the guy. I'm guessing its because I tweeted he'd be a bad/lazy hire for AD when George Dunham was trying to use his influence to get his buddy the job. Thank god Smatresk didn't listen.

As far as his color work goes, he's well spoken and has great knowledge of UNT history, but his in game analysis is very surface level and doesn't put you in the mind of the player or coach. Understandable since he never played.

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