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One year later NIL has not crippled NCAA football, because nothing will

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Commentary: Not much has changed when it comes to watching college football, basketball or any other sport.

By MAC ENGELFort Worth Star-Telegram
ARLINGTON, Texas — The three-letter monster that the NCAA and its fleet of lawyers predicted would be the demise of college athletics has changed amateur sports, not ended it.

NIL (name imagine likeness) celebrated its one-year anniversary this month, and you will note that, ultimately, not much has changed when it comes to watching college football, basketball or any other collegiate sport.

From Kansas and North Carolina in men’s basketball to Georgia and Alabama in football, the names at the top remain the same names at the top.

The NCAA transfer portal, which “opened” in October 2018, is still doing a brisk business.
Head coaches are paid like they just joined the LIV Golf tour.

The major difference now in an NIL world is a bunch of kids are paid some of that money over the table rather than under. Direct compensation to student athletes is now an open part of the recruiting process.


The rules are still vague, and enforcement looks nearly impossible as the parameters of the NIL world are still being set.

“NIL is a long ways from being settled and governed because there is nobody that is in charge of NIL right now,” Mike Gundy, the Oklahoma State football coach, said last week at Big 12 media days. “My opinion is in a couple of years it will settle, where it will go I have no idea. It’s running a little out of control right now.”

The intent of NIL was that a player could make some money based on their name, image and likeness on a product endorsement; that they could use their social media accounts to make some money on the side.

What has happened is schools are using the “NIL” tag to collectively gather money to entice players to attend that university for nothing in return. It is being used as a recruiting tool, which was never the intent.


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2 minutes ago, akriesman said:

I for one have lost a lot of interest.   The rich get richer from NIL and the transfer portal.    No real playoff system yet.

Blah.   I will root for my school.   Outside of that, I have lost interest.

The only thing that could renew interest would be a legit playoff. Let the big boys back up their money on the field and then have fluke G7 victories over SEC teams in the playoffs. 

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