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his is the first entry in the series that will focus on underrated offense across the FBS landscape. North Texas has produced quality play but the consensus is underrating this group.

This might come across as a weird inclusion at first as they ranked 88th in EPA per play last season and 80th in success rate but things change, and Seth Littrell’s Mean Green has upside. Ranking first in players per game, the offense should have plenty of plays to support production if things break right. Additions in the transfer portal highlighted by Grant Gunnell could lead this offense to the next level in 2022.


Adding quarterback Grant Gunnell in the portal can make or break the season. AARP member Austin Aune has been competent for North Texas, but Gunnell gives the offense a ceiling we haven’t seen in Latrell’s tenure.

In 2021’s regular season, Aune ranked 109th among qualified quarterbacks in total EPA with -16.66. The loss of Jyaire Shorter hurt the passing offense but ultimately, Aune was holding the unit back. He started or played the majority of snaps in 11 games. In those games, he had more than 240 passing yards once and under 125 yards five times. His average of 181 yards in games, ranks among the worst in the nation for a team that isn’t primarily an option team. To add, Aune had only 9 touchdowns in these 11 games

Comparatively, Gunnell has been productive when starting despite limited reps up to this point. In his career, he’s had significant action in five games at a Power 5 level. In the matchups where he’s thrown more than 20 passes, he’s averaging 272 yards and 2 touchdowns per contest. Accomplished as a true freshman and sophomore, Gunnell also played a struggling Arizona team against quality defenses. In 2021, he was injured before the season for the Memphis Tigers, resulting in Seth Henigan’s breakout. It’s a small sample for Gunnell but it’s clear he represents upside for this offense.


read more:  https://campus2canton.com/underrated-offenses-north-texas/

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I know that QB transfers really have not really worked out for us.    But, Gunnell actually has some serious playing time at the P5 level and done pretty well.   If he does not succeed here, it is really going to point a finger at coaching.

My concern is that Aune will do just enough to hold onto the job, preventing Gunnell from seeing the field.    If Aune can't complete at least 60% of his passes, the decision to start him would have been a poor one.

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6 hours ago, akriesman said:

My concern is that Aune will do just enough to hold onto the job, preventing Gunnell from seeing the field.

For some reason, I want to believe the QB battle won't be as much of a battle as we get closer to the start of the season. Like you said, he actually has playing time unlike previous transfers. I see no reason why Aune or anybody other than Gunnell starts the season other than stubbornness. No QB on last year's roster should be listed as QB1 at this point with how the offense performed much of last season.

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17 hours ago, untlynchka1 said:

Am I the only one that this guy started to lose a little bit of credibility when he never mentioned Tommy Bush, but then lost all credibility when he said we have one of the top WR corps in the Sunbelt?? Lol

I see your point but Tommy has been injured and not really done much either.  He should have received a mention.

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