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Louisiana Tech (3/11/22)


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3 minutes ago, meangreenlax said:

Really pathetic… I want to look at the positives, but for it to end like this is just awful. Bad at the line, bad point-blank, bad from 3.

Happy for those who want some meaningless “postseason” games at the Pit 

well the SL fanboys love their post-season bowl game ass-kickings, so lets go and support the team in the NIT

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21 minutes ago, texx2818 said:

Literally one of the worst offensively played NT games I’ve seen and we are  right there. Wow

apparently this was the worst offensively played game in college basketball this year!

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2 minutes ago, CMJ said:



I bet half the people on the board couldn't name the NCAA champ the last five years.  😛



I actually think the game got away from us with about...1:30 or so to go.  We were down three and (I believe) McBride had a 7 footer or so rim out on him.  He makes that and we're down one with a ton of time left.  We win that game.

Agree, I thought the same thing as well. He hits that and the momentum is back on our side. 

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5 minutes ago, DeepGreen said:

Prefer the NCAA Tourney for sure, but nothing wrong with the NIT.

You’re kidding right? It means absolutely nothing. It’s better to lose in the play in game than win the whole NIT. 

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