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Louisiana Tech (3/11/22)


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Defense was plenty good enough. NT on pace for less than 30 is obviously a problem. Lines are tight, but I still think several players need to start driving a bit more often with the aim to shoot. Tech has closed the passing off very well, so that is the only way to open that up a bit more.

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1 minute ago, 97and03 said:

Is there another team in the country that could hold the opponent to 21 at the half and still be down by 8?? My daughter‘s JV team scored more than that in almost every game they played in a recent tournament. In fact, my girl scored 13 herself in a half multiple times. 

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2 minutes ago, DeepGreen said:

La Tech was supposed to be “dog” ass tired coming into this game.  WTF?


Hopefully it will set in this half. 

1 minute ago, texx2818 said:

Not great. Jacking up awful shot after awful shot.

This has been our biggest negative. I know Ousmane is getting double teamed but we aren't finding our best shots like usual. 

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1 minute ago, CMJ said:

They actually started the game looking a bit sluggish I thought.  The problem was we didn't take advantage of it.

Exactly. They started sloppy and we played down to them instead of stomping on them. I know Grant is a good coach and you play to your strengths but I wonder if speeding up the pace a bit early would have been good. 

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