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What shape is UNT football in?

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32 minutes ago, TCC Mean Green said:

Horrible for football …the twins leaving?  How do you not allow that to happen?

They wouldn’t be leaving if a better option hadn’t been offered. If they are going P5they will be interesting to follow.

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I finally had to walk away and not buy season tickets under Benford.  I bought season tickets when we hired a new coach. I am going to do the same with football next year.  I was planning on going to the UNLV game next season but now I just t think I will go to Vegas and tell my wife I am going to the game and bet my season tickets cost on red..

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22 hours ago, Travis said:

I’d say it has been bad bad going on three plus years now. 

Started when Littrell sold his integrity chasing Kansas St. 

I call it the June Jones curse. (Reference to similar actions by Coach June Jones while at SMU) 

Beating this curse requires fasting and an apology to the school, fans and players. 😉

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Overall I think you can argue that NT is in the best shape it has been in. 

Coaching staff can be changed and NT's likely will be next year.

Going to a new conference, first rate facilities for a G5, a massive growing student body, in the number one recruiting area in the country: those are long term factors that NT can build on.   

The football program appears to be in a downward spiral, so next season maybe brutal.  

Most of us wanted a coaching change, but Littrell led the team to a big turnaround in the last half of the season and saving his job. 

Recruiting is looking like a disaster at this point, with NT losing starters to the portal and thus far; recruiting is looking dismal.  My guess with no research is the same is happening to a lot of G5's, as P5's nab their best players. 


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