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Ben Roethlisberger makes friendly bowl wager with Steelers legend 'Mean' Joe Greene

Coach Andy Mac

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Funny Steeler stories

I grew up in Houston and was a die-hard Luv Ya Blue Oilers fan, and like all rational people I HATED respectfully disliked anything about the damned Pittsburgh Steelers.

In 1983 I was driving west on Eagle Drive towards Fouts Field where the school was staging the start of the Homecoming Parade. I stopped at the Avenue C stop sign, then started to proceed through the intersection. Suddenly, this small dark green Mercedes 450SLC which was bolting away from the freeway runs through the stop sign, cuts right in front of me and zips down the road towards the stadium. I utilized the car horn, some muttered vulgarity, and probably a little gesticulation as the sportscar sped away.

I park at Fouts and my girlfriend says "here comes that car behind us, watch out, he may be looking for trouble" 

The car pulls up and parks directly next to me as I am getting out of my car. I try to look cool and tough (it doesn't work for me) and the driver of the car opens his door and starts getting out. It's not just any huge human, it's Mean Joe Greene and my life starts flashing before my eyes.

Joe walks strait at me and says "I am so sorry I cut you off back there, I got stuck in traffic and am running late. I'm the MC today and I have some some speeches to make before the Parade starts. I just wanted to stop and apologize." He flashed that huge Mean Joe smile, extended his hand for a handshake and then gave me a big shoulder hug with his left arm.

"You were going to beat up Mean Joe Greene" my girlfriend giggled. "No, he just became my favorite pro football player ever" I replied.

And nearly 40 years later he still is. As you get to know him better you realize what a wonderful person he is.


Part two, and this is summer 1998

My Bride and I bought tickets to see Jim Carey's new movie The Truman Show. We sit in our seats and the theater is pretty full. The lights go off as the previews start. Two loud guys enter in the dark and sit in the empty seats next to mine. The guy next to me keeps laughing aloud during the film, bumping my shoulder, nudging me with his elbow, and several times smacked the armrest. I avoid eye contact with the intruder. It goes on for a while. Finally, at one point where the theater is filled with raucous laughter, the guy smacks me on the knee and grabs my arm, I turn to face him and he says "now that's some funny shit!"

My Bride quickly asks me "is that guy drunk?"

I reply, "No, that guy is Terry Bradshaw". 




Bradshaw is not professional when he goes on television, he's himself.




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