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Can someone post the link on where to buy the UNT Frisco bowl tickets? thx


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20 hours ago, UNT 90 Grad said:

Are we technically the visiting team?  Probably won’t mater.  It will be a sea of green regardless. 

Yes, the link says UNT will be in East side stadium sections as the visitors.  ESPN probably wanted UNT and UTSA fans opposite the pressbox cameras for better crowd scenes.  Still, it means staring into the sun for an afternoon kickoff. 

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20 hours ago, meangreen11 said:

I couldn't either and I hate it because the best seats are probably being taken.

I got tickets on this site today. What I forgot to do is scan section to pick out seats. I was expecting them to just show available seats. Du! Anyhow, 4 on the 45 yard line at $65.00 each. I splurged because I Iive in Frisco so no air fare,no hotel, no rental car,no meals.

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On 12/5/2021 at 2:26 PM, Cr1028 said:

Should it be concerning that they have Ragsdale and not Torrey on the graphic?

I called this morning and had to leave a message, so I bought through AXS. Sec. 126, Row 13. On Adlers recommendation, I purchased a new green sweatshirt at Rally House and momma has her new green Santa hat!


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3 minutes ago, Mean Green Matt said:

I’m sure there is a point at which whatever is being held by Miami goes back to the bowl and hopefully North Texas has a chance to sell them. 

I’m not sure how many seats unt got in the first place but I assume it was something like 5k and if they’re gone already that’s really impressive. Might be a sell out.

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