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Thank you,SL and the Mean Green!


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11 minutes ago, NTEX91 said:

My Mean Green Day is complete!  We beat a Top 25 team in UTSA at home, ruined their undefeated season, and became bowl eligible.  SMU is loosing their coach, they are in the same conference with US now in the AAC, and they lost to Tulsa today.  What a great day!  GMG!


Like a very green Twilight Zone. Never thought this would happen even a few weeks ago.

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Why are there so many back-patting threads for Littrell?

Congrats OL.  Y’all moved those boys around like tackle dummies all day long!

Congrats DL.  Y’all were living in their backfield all day long!

Congrats Torrey/Ragsdale for punishing them after their weak-a** tackling attempts all day long!

Congrats STs, especially Mooney, for being perfect all day long and capitalizing on not 1, but 2 muffed kicks (one of which recovered by Mooney)!

Congrats Secondary for giving those dangerous WRs fits all day long!

Congrats Aune for not making any mistakes with the ball, unlike your UTSA counterpart, all day long!

Congrats Green Brigade for keeping it turned up to 11 all day long!

Congrats Talons on bringing enough powder to keep Boomer going all day long!

Also, congrats Jeff Traylor on your overpaid contract.  Our boys beat you so hard that you had to make almost as many excuses for your team’s lousy performance as dollars in your account!  That’s impressive!

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