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Seth Littrell

Cooke County Kid

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Happy for the team and coaching staff.

But Seth’s record against teams with winning record is still terrible. And don’t get started me on bowl games. 

Let’s be honest 6-6 is still a mediocre year at best. 

I’m going to sit back enjoy the win and then decide if I want Seth back…. Like I have any real say. 😆 


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4 minutes ago, GreenBacker said:

I would support a Harbaugh type contract extension for Littrell . Leaving him as a lame duck for next year would kill recruiting, but no way we can keep guaranteeing him the same salary.  Lower the base/buyout but provide great incentives for championships. 

Contract runs through 2023.

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48 minutes ago, untjim1995 said:

Hey, SL deserves some praise here. They were 1-6, facing a situation where he was about to get fired. Instead, he led the team to a 5-0 finish and will get us to a bowl game again. I

think he gets deserves complaints here…but this day is one to celebrate a strong achievement.

The last time a North Texas coach was 0-5 and rattled off a bunch of wins to reach a bowl, we won 4 straight conference titles.

Who was that guy? 

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1 minute ago, Got5onIt said:

Yep, just get into any bowl and we’re all happy. 6-6 is exactly where we want to be 5 years into the SL era! Screw the abysmal start. Extend Seth today!!!

I just want to shake most of the fans on here. 

The student body, 80% of which writes off the football team before the first game, has more sense than the "Just win 6-8 game plz" crowd of alumni.

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Pulling of a miracle (it's what I called it last week, props to the Nostradamus fans who predicted it, or even thought it possible) was great..... The question I think the decision maker needs an answer to is why did the team start 1-5?  What reason is there to believe it won't happen again?

Props for turning something around that you were driving the wrong way to begin with is like saying congratulations for showing up to work on time to someone who's been late every day for six weeks in a row...... Or the kid who puts out he fire when he was the one who started it in the first place.

An amazing moment, truly awesome and without knowing much history before the early 1990's of UNT Football, it's got to be at the very least a top 5 moment, win, game etc. for sure, very happy for the program, players, and staff..... 

Don't get 🎵 Blinded by the light 🎵..... 6 seasons and 37-37 overall.


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