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Me plus 5 (2 I’m having to coach to hate UTSA on the way).

Emmitt nailed it.  Dress for the weather.  The last clothing item you put on should be green NOT blue.  

Saturday evening, be able to say, “I was there when North Texas beat the number 15 UTSA road birds.”  There is your Thanksgiving memory !


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2 hours ago, emmitt01 said:

Ok Mean Green fanbase, it's put your money where your mouth is time.  

- We asked for better opponents at Apogee...#15 in the country would seem to fit the bill

- We asked for rivalries....like it or not, we don't like each other, there is a history with relevance (2013 game), and they're a fellow Texas "university"

- We wanted a meaningful late season game...6 wins is bowl eligible, regardless of your feelings on how many bowls there are or how "deserving" we might be


Yes, it's Thanksgiving weekend...unless "eating leftovers" counts as part of your holiday, GET YOUR ASS TO APOGEE

Yes, it might rain...they created ponchos and rain gear a long, long time ago, so GET YOUR ASS TO APOGEE

Yes, we are all upset with our coaching situation...these players aren't responsible for that and have reacted with their backs against the wall (and many key teammates injured), so GET YOUR ASS TO APOGEE

Yes, it will be a bit chilly...they sell hoodies in the team store at Apogee and I'm sure you own long sleeved clothing, so GET YOUR ASS TO APOGEE


I will be there tomorrow.  Not because I'm ecstatic about where we are as a football program.  Not because I love the uniform combination every week.  I'll be there because I graduated from North Texas, this is MY team, and know that they stand a much better chance at securing a victory if Apogee is filled with loud, hostile, green-blooded fans.   

Half Baked Whos Comin With Me GIF

Hell yea Emmitt, they need you to help pump the team. I will be there with my two sons Ohio-level monsoon or not.


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