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Austin Aune to the UNT Hall of Fame?

UNT 90 Grad

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5 minutes ago, NTSU52 said:

Absolutely not

He's starting and he's only a sophomore. He has a lot of football yet to play.

He was the backup last season and won the starting job. He was the backup this season and won the starting job. He obviously has dedication, and is finally getting needed repetitions. Please remember how long he has been out of football; his last season as a starter was 2010 at Argyle and North Texas was still playing in Fouts Field.

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1 minute ago, Udomann said:

Is this real? Like.... Really real?

I believe Danny Wuerfffel is the oldest player, at 28, to ever score in Division 1 football. He won the Heisman his final season at Florida.

Austin will be 29 at the start of next season.

There have been several older players, but none that have scored.

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25 minutes ago, ADLER said:

Actually, as weird as it sounds, yes.

The first time he scores next season he will become the oldest player to ever score in NCAA Division 1 football.

How old is he, exactly? After reading this post I immediately thought of Chris Weinke.

If Aune has that record, I imagine it'll only be by one or two years.

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7 minutes ago, Texas Stranger said:

Just wait until he physically matures !

Maybe. He was the 32nd highest ranked pro-style quarterback in the country when he was recruited and signed with TCU's Offensive Coordinator and quarterback guru Justin Fuente.

He was drafted by the Yankees, made a sizable fortune in baseball, and has returned to college ball only for the love of the game.


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1 minute ago, UNTLifer said:

They’ve already put one up at Good Samaritan Retirement Home over on Hinkle

Don't know if he's still there, but North Texas running back great Ja’quay Wilburn was the assistant director there after graduating with a degree in geriatric care. Great kid.

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