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KNTU and SyncMyGame.com


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7 minutes ago, greenjoe said:

First, why isn't KNTU broadcasting the NT games ?  I know there are other stations on the Mean Green Radio Network, but i can't ever remember their frequency.  I can always remember 88.1 but they've got "cool jazz' going for a mellow weekend.  Why would the campus station not broadcast the game ?  Or, perhaps, just broadcast the road games with the presumption being that everyone else on campus is at Apogee.

Second, I was at a Kiwanis function last night land i spoke with Hand.  He told me about a site called "syncmygame.com" that allows the listener to watch the 
ESPN TV broadcast, turn down the sound and listen to Dave and hank on the Mean Green call of the game.  I'd much rather listen to guys that I know, know the Mean Green, than somebody I've never heard of practice their radio technique.  Has anyone ever tired SYNCMYGAME.com ?

Win this weekend.  Send an old supporter to a bowl game.


It looks to be part of Leafield. "The Varsity Network" is their app that streams the games



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This is a problem.

Last week, I tried to listen to the game. I could not hear the game on KNTU and then went to the Mean Green Sports site to see who else was broadcasting the game. I do not have a TuneIn account but none of the stations listed on the site had the game! Instead, they were playing their normal programming. https://meangreensports.com/sports/2018/7/6/ot-mean-green-radio-network-html.aspx

I ended up listening to the game on one the Southern Miss stations, which were easy to find.


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For the first time in over 10 years, I was unable to listen to a UNT football game online. 

Yes I downloaded the Varsity app and it did work for the first 7 games. 

I live 765 miles away from Denton so I can't listen to the radio like most of you can.

Would like to punch the damn digerati responsible right in the f****** mouths.

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Varsity App worked for the UTEP game. But it only works on my iPad not PC.

Sure wish KNTU would carry the games online.

Very much enjoyed listening to Bill Mercer yesterday who as a special guest during the game broadcast.

He still has a great radio voice and smooth delivery. Brought back good memories from my days at North Texas.

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