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GMG exclusive interview with Brett McMurphy

Coach Andy Mac

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1 hour ago, FirefightnRick said:

Thank you for the info @Harry and JD.  Lots of exciting things on the horizon for the Mean Green Nation for sure.  

We will instantly be one of the top programs in men’s basketball, women’s soccer & cross country and softball.  We belong in a good conference with stable, solid leadership.  I agree with Brett that the commissioners were helpless at the last minute, but I can’t recall anything positive Judy McCloud ever did over the years that gave the conference the chance to raise interest and revenue.  It won’t bother me in the least to see her go down with the ship, though I really feel for the programs that are getting left behind and some of the really great folks we have met from there over the years.   


It’s All Good And All Green!



Look who's back! 

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Great Stuff guys!
Brett didn't sound too confident in C-USA's future.  Yikes!

Seems Brett confirmed that NT (along with Rice) was trying to get into MWC prior to joining the AAC.
Sucks the MWC didn't bite, but I'm thrilled with the consolation prize.
I recall some dumb poster was saying this over & over.  That guy is a regular Nostradamus!

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I believe that the AAC is as strong/stronger as the MWC and will last just as long.  Since three of the AAC's strongest teams have been cherry-picked, the MWC may be a little stronger at the top.  However, if Boise State and San Diego State should leave, the rest of the conference is pretty average.

Better yet, the AAC will save us a ton of money with increased revenue to share and a tremendous amount in travel costs.  Our farthest trip will be to Philadelphia which is about 1,500 miles which we'll have to make twice every seven years.  The MWC has four members that are farther than that.  Furthermore, all of the West Division of the AAC  will be closer than the nearest member of the MWC (New Mexico).

We made out like a bandit.


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On 10/25/2021 at 11:10 AM, GrayEagle said:

We made out like a bandit.


I think we did as well @GrayEagle.  I think the Mountain West made a huge mistake here by losing out on the best Texas teams available.  And lost in translation, they added a very competitive FAU program that pounded SMU in a bowl game fairly recently.  I just never got the infatuation with the Mountain West.   I ind the AAC to be a much superior conference in terms of teams that have the location, enrollment, resources and potential to explode.  The Mountain West will always get some west coast eyeballs because of their time zone.  I think the AAC is the best fit for us and am thrilled we were able to make it in. 

My biggest concern is will we have the ability to compete in this conference.  It could take time.  With the right coach I think it could happen quickly.  This is a tough conference in both football and basketball.   It is also a great place to build a program as evidenced by Cincy, UCF, and Houston/Memphis/SMU most recently.

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