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How long will it take us to win consistently in the AAC?


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20 minutes ago, Monkeypox said:

Win consistently? I don't know what you mean and I'm not sure if it's allowed. Will need more research.

But seriously, however long it takes to hire more than one good coach in a row.

Meaning,.... you have to win, win big, win bowl games, lose a coach to a better gig, then repeat... in order to win consistently, in my mind.

Many years ago I posted that UNT should try to follow the Boise State model.  Of course, who at North Texas ever listens?  They always had the brighter idea. With that, I defer to our record since Boise State & North Texas both left the Big West Conference at the same time.  Records-wise, one school went north—the other went very, very South. (Our cumulative record with Boise State still stands at 4 wins for each school, though). 

Still...Boise kept losing HFC’s after short stays in Idaho but kept replacing those with coach’s who still mostly kept the Broncos in Top 25 polls.  It was uncanny with how they kept doing that.  Then the Broncos beat OU in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl & the rest is history.  All this happening  while UNT thought they had the brighter idea.  Again, I defer to our W/L records during all this time.  Still...In Wren Most of Us Trust.
Honestly, I’m still sick that this is not working out for SL the way many of us thought it would; especially after he had those 2 “9” win seasons in a row & Bowl appearances.  I’m sure he will land OK in the NCAA if he still wants to continue coaching.



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3 hours ago, TIgreen01 said:

It is going to take a while.  We need linemen and size to compete.  You win in the trenches and the AAC has bigger and better players on their lines.  I don’t buy the recruiting rankings after what I’ve seen on the field this season.  I think it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors based on getting WRs and DBs that are plentiful in numbers.

I’m much more excited about what the basketball team can do in the AAC.  I think we get instantly better access to some higher end talent than we already are getting.  We know Coach Mac can utilize said talent already.


When we have played SMU and UH, they have just whipped us up front. When we played UH, their linemen basically played Fullback as they were in the backfield almost immediately after the snap. In many ways, its been like when we have played UAB or La Tech. 

The next coach would be wise to be a developed of linemen--basically what DMac was doing here until 2015 reared its ugly head. If we can get more physical on both lines, we can compete ASAP. But my guess is that its gonna take 2-3 years to actually show up.

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25 minutes ago, Mean Green Matt said:

I didn’t read this whole thread, so it’s possible someone said this already, but if you guaranteed me we would win consistently in the AAC I would take that deal and not even ask you for the timeline. 

What are you talking about? 🤔😊



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I believe we can get back on a winning trajectory the sooner Wren hires a new HC. I'm hoping we let Seth go after this year to install a new coach for our last season in the CUSA. The idea being we gain some momentum going into a new conference.

What I would love to happen would be for UNT to win a CUSA conference title in our last year.

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3 hours ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

NT has hit the transfer portal HARD every year.    Here's what we've got out of it (created in 2018, so the class of 2019):

Dominique Harrison, CB from AZSt. (depth)
Nick Harvey, CB from A&M, by way of South Carolina (started, but I wouldn't call him a "contributor".  Sadly, he was broken by the time he got here)
DeAndre Plantin, OT from VATech (a contributor)

Carson Kropp, LB from OSU (depth)
Jordan Rucker, CB from Purdue (cant crack depth chart)
Amani Gilmore, QB from Kentucky (cant crack depth chart)

Sean-Thomas Faulkner, LB from the Citadel (depth)
Ridge Texada, CB from McNeese St (cant crack depth chart)
Greg Francis, S from UNLV (depth)
Tommy Bush, WR from Georgia (unfortunate injury)
Enoch Jackson, DT from Arkansas (a contributor - excited about this one though!)
Jace Ruder, QB from North Carolina (depth)
Tyrae Thornton, CB from Rice (gone - didn't even last 1/2 a season)
John Davis, CB from TXTech (a contributor)
Logan Wilson, CB from LAMo (cant crack depth chart)
Jacob Farrell, OT from OKSt (worst bust of them all)

So it's not necessarily that NT needs to hit the X-fer portal hard... it's actually getting QUALITY out of the portal.
I don't understand how this staff is able to recruit High School so well, but cannot get superior players out of the portal.  The best we're getting is "a contributor" (although, we'll see what we get from Jackson).

My go-to reply for a great post: gif

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We've never won consistently. At this time I have 0 expectation we'll hire someone capable of winning consistently. It is important for university leadership to come out and say 'we're going to develop the fanbase and support, and put the people in place, to win consistently in FB'.  Until then, don't get your hopes up.

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