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UTSA Ranked

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1 hour ago, untjim1995 said:

I believe we were ranked as in 1978, not counting I-AA. I was 6 years old.

We have now watched a UT-satellite school start football a little over a decade ago and play as a FBS program for 10 years and get ranked.

Whatever we did to piss off the CFB gods, I sure wish we could make amends in my lifetime.

South Florida began football from scratch in 1997 and was ranked in 1998 and 1999.

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16 minutes ago, Side.Show.Joe said:

Thanks. I invite you to jump into the mix and help me stir up more headaches for the athletic department.

The violence and unrest that permeates into the rest of DFW the past 2 days has already been unprecedented.

I'm sure the entirety of the AD is monitoring your rage posts on GMG.com very closely.

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3 hours ago, Philip Ferguson said:

I suppose this is good news for the conference, but I don't have to be happy about it.

As much as it sucks, doesn't it increase the odds that Jeff Traylor is handing out Whataburger taquitos at a P5 school next year? I'd pitch in for that going-away party.

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6 hours ago, dodgefan said:

Traylor will be gone soon after this year. How good is UTEP? SMU ranked #21.

Not sure what happened, but the 19-3 win over LATech is alarming.   Especially after being trounced by a severely-underachieving BoiseSt earlier this season 54-13.   I don't think FAU is the team to bring them back down to Earth either, so they'll likely roll into Apogee at 7-2 (after playing UTSA to a very close game) with all the confidence in the world.  Heaven help us.

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In 2015, we one won game--against UTSA, when they were down to their 6th string QB, at Apogee, when we scored a late TD in the 4th quarter to win 30-23. We were the worst team in FBS, having suffered the worst loss in modern college football history and firing our coach ASAP after that loss. But UTSA was terrible, too, as their coach was about to also retire, so they hired Frank Wilson in the same year we hired Seth Littrell. 

Now, its 6 years later, we are back top being in the worst teams in FBS, and they are ranked. 

I don't know that I can put into words how humbling this is, just because its a startup from Texas in their 10th year of being FBS. We haven't been ranked in 43 years.

43 years. And our coach left to go be a HOF Coach at Iowa.

We haven't had a coach finish his time here since with a winning record. And since Jerry Moore got hired away by Texas Tech in 1981, 40 YEARS AGO, no coach since then has been hired away by anyone else, but instead getting fired. Bob Tyler, Corky Nelson, Dennis Parker, Matt Simon, Darrell Dickey, Todd Dodge, Dan McCarney, Mike Canales (interim twice), and now Seth Littrell--10 coaches.

We all hear that this place in the center of the hotbed of recruiting...and nothing. It just boggles your mind. You'd almost have to WANT to be this bad. And we know that isn't true, since we have Apogee and all of this great facilities and pay a lot to a coach, stuff we didn't do until 2011. So we know it matters now--and still, nothing but pure suckitude for 95% of the time around here. 





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