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Predict the Marshall Score

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22 hours ago, UNTcrazy727 said:

Marshall- 31

North Texas- 28

Losing this game will destroy the remaining life left in this team. I wouldn't be surprised to see Wren pull the plug on Littrell after we get throttled by Liberty. 

I would think falling to 0-3 in conference would do the trick.  No need to wait until after Liberty blows us away.

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28 minutes ago, GreenGang45 said:

Why do people on this board think Marshall a bad football team? They took app state to the last seconds which they should have won. They have the number 8 offense in the country and lead the country in sacks. I think some of y’all fooling y’all selves 

Probably because of the last two weeks. Lost to MTSU and ODU took them to OT at Marshall. Pretty easy to see the room for optimism given those results.

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10 hours ago, Withers940 said:

UNT goes down 17-0 in the first quarter but come roaring back in the second half and wins 35-25, the fans rush the field and carry Seth Littrell off the field chanting “4 more years, 4 more years!!” 

this loves story writes itself 

wake up wake up your having a nightmare.

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17 hours ago, southsideguy said:

Is it just me?

I go to the football games with zero expectations of winning this season, yet I am upset when I leave. 



Nope, I tune in every game this season expecting a dumpster fire (with a glimmer of optimism that maybe this game will be different) and continually leave disappointed, and sometimes disgusted. 

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I think the guys are going to fight, hard.  Score will be close, like the LATech game.
But unless they find a way to amp themselves up for the game on their own prior to kickoff, they're going to find themselves in an early hole again.  I'm not just talking about Kason Martin trying to jack everyone up, I'm talking about an energy that says, "we're going to win!"

Low energy on the sideline pregame will spell doom for the game.   These players are looking to their leaders for this, and they're simply not getting it.   I don't know that tomorrow night will be any different.

NT - 24
Marshall - 31

DIG DEEP MEAN GREEN!  Prove our predictions wrong!

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