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Predict the Marshall Score

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North Texas...28


••• The Murphy twins have a knockout performance!
••• Aune has a career game.     
••• #3 rushes for 200+ yards
••• All is quiet on the Northern Front (for the moment)

••• True Story:  It has been said that weeks before Jerry Jones hired him, that Barry Switzer actually inquired about the North Texas head football coaching job.  (Maybe he had had a conversation with the late, great Hayden Fry about Denton)?  Fry was always a positive advocate of both UNT & Denton.  Look what they did for him (& what he did for us in a little over half a decade)?

If North Texas is looking for a new HFC at season’s end, I think some will be surprised at the pedigree who will apply. I won’t be one of them.
 Just look at all our varsity sports venues inside the Mean Green Village?  This one in the photo now toward the top of the list.  ❇️It’s the 3’rd largest of its kind in the sovereign state of Texas.  

Other venues are being planned beginning with what will be an apparent end zone expansion of the present Athletic Center.  
I’m sure Wren Baker got a nice tour of UM’s new End Zone facility beginning last Friday in Columbia, MO.



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1 hour ago, southsideguy said:

it won't be a big crowd, many walked away after the last home game.  I am still debating if I will be going.  I want to support the players but am very unhappy with the SL.

I was going to attempt to get a flight back in town early enough to see the game but at this point I'll probably just dump our HC Tix on one of the ticket sale sites and say a prayer we make a few bucks.

Shame on whoever agreed to us being a G5 Friday night game.

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This one is difficult. NT is not good. But it has started to transpire that neither is Marshall. I can actually imagine NT winning this. However NT has shown that despite there being talent, this team has an absolutely incredible capacity of getting in its own way every time something good might happen (penalties, interceptions, drops, stupid 4th down calls... and have I mentioned penalties?)

I think the most likely course of the game is that NT will find itself with a surmountable lead somewhere in the third quarter with an FBS opponent, and because this is completely new to most of this squad (most of the players on this squad have not really learnt how to hold on to a lead in college), inexperience will show and they will allow the other team take their cake after all.

Marshall 28 (4 TDs), NT 26 (3TDs, one missed 2 point conversions, 2 FGs)

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On 10/10/2021 at 9:13 AM, RBP79 said:

Hope there is a decent crowd for a Friday night televised game. Expect nothing and you want be disappointed. 

Just support the team in "Green"!   Lol

Fans in the stands still matters.  Just ask the Commissioners of conferences seeking new schools to add to their leagues.  

I DVR most G5 games being televised & I’m not seeing that many games with impressive attendance. UAB with a winning record surprises me the most with how empty their new stadium is.  

Yet wouldn’t the irony turn cruel on us if one of those Commish’s said:  “ Well, I was in the Apogee press box to look at both Marshall & UNT & ____________________________.” 😩

️ No doubt UNT athletics is getting high marks & 4 star ratings on our across the board varsity venues, but what will be said about our fan support in not so good times?

One quote from Fry I distinctly recall before he accepted the Iowa job was when he was talking to his NT assistants about possibly taking that job & that which he related to a DFW media person which was: “The Hawkeyes have lost for twenty years but they still sellout their stadium.”  

Truth be told I think it was that attendance scenario at U of Iowa that sealed the deal for him taking that job & taking most of all the NT assistant coaches with him—including NT alum & NT Athletic Hall of Fame member Bill Brashier. 


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