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Fire Him Tonight

All About UNT

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2 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:

Hey at least we are a clean program and not controversial, right? Better husbands and fathers? No baggage for ol Sethy boy. That beats the hell out of media coverage and winning any day.

Exactly. I am on the verge of saying bringing Baby Briles but I also feel like that ship might have sailed

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2 hours ago, All About UNT said:

The Seth Littrell era is over. Anyone who thinks he can salvage his career here at North Texas is delusional. It is time to let him go and let the alumni and fan base know that we are taking athletics seriously.

He really needs to be gone this week to help shake up the team. 

This is beyond embarrassing and you know Littrell knows it. He simply does not have a clue how to fix it. We need to move to the next option. 

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2 hours ago, emmitt01 said:

Don’t wait until after the game, fire him at the half.  

And, for the love of God, can we stop pretending Aune is some all-conference QB.  Ruder is a train wreck, but Aune is a career backup AT BEST

Aune did better than Ruder on the stat line. Neither were ready or well prepared by the coaching staff and that's why I wanted to see him on the field. Aune put up good numbers last year with basically the same offense. That's why SL didn't want to switch QBs. He knew it wouldn't make a difference.

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Just now, dml7007 said:

We did not look prepared. I say we back the truck up and get Clark from UAB, proven winner and never seems to be out coached.





Be happy with him or Skip Holtz from LaTech. Holtz always has his guys playing at a high level and winning with less resources. 

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1 hour ago, DeepGreen said:

And to think, I felt bad that I did not renew my club seats this season.*


* My wife is not interested in the games and I hated to make the 6+ hr drive “to Denton”.

I had 50 yard line seats since Apogee first opened. Gave them up this year.

Probably the best financial decision you could make. You can come up and go to any game you want and still sit in a great seat.

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