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The Next Two Weeks are Critical

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Players should take it 1 game at a time....fans don't have to.

I'm still not completely sure what to make of this team yet. Predictably handled the FCS team and then played 1 half of improved football vs SMU. We have a QB that hasn't been here very long and is probably drinking from a fire hose playing catch up. Is he better than he's shown the first two games? Will he get better the more he plays? I don't honestly know.

So we have 2 games before our bye week and then we hit MIzzou, Marshall and Liberty. TOUGH stretch.

Even though UAB is at home and La Tech is on the road...I still feel like UAB will be the tougher game. This UAB game could really go a few different ways. They could blow us out, could win a close one or we could win a close one. But big picture....if we do beat UAB, this season starts to look A LOT different. Because now we have a confident team headed to Ruston and I'm not sure this is one of La Tech's better teams. Come out of Ruston with a win....and now we're headed into the bye week to heal up and the next 3 games look better. They're going into Mizzou with a little swagger. If we beat UAB at home and slip up at La Tech or vice versa, 1-1 is not a bad outcome and there is some hope for the season. If we grab 1 or 2 of the next 3, we're in the thick of it again.

However....if UAB pounds us and then we limp into Ruston and get beat.....that's a snow ball that is going to begin to roll downhill because we go to Mizzou next then have 2 tough teams at home.

2-0 the next two games.....we're starting to cook.

1-1 the next two games......there is some hope.

0-2 the next two games.....I don't see how we recover

Huge 2 game stretch in front of us

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3 hours ago, TheColonyEagle said:

Even though it's all rumors.....MWC eyes are gonna be on us Saturday...…playing a team the AAC may be looking at. Sure would be great if Littrell had them ready to put on a good showing.


More likely they look at attendance and viewership. 

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5 minutes ago, 97and03 said:

More likely they look at attendance and viewership. 

You're absolutely right.

Both of which would be MUCH HIGHER than they actually will be if the football team was winning.

I just hope they can see that despite going 4-8 2 years in a row, that we're still bringing 20k+ into our stadium each week... imagine what that would be like if we were winning, and the Air Force rolled into town!   We've seen it before when we were winning and Army came to town.  I've never seen my section so full!

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