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52 minutes ago, ChristopherRyanWilkes said:

I’m not convinced it’s dead forever. I get folks are salty the SEC is going to dominate for years to come, but eventually they will want the extra money and chance at a playoff that currently only a few blue chips have. 

Oh, I don't think it's dead forever, or even very long (but at this point, it's at least a year). ESPN is going to want to get them to the table early if they can. The current playoff media deal lasts until 2025, after 3 of the 5 P5 deals are up.

Some of the board already have said that they might want to wait until expiration of that deal, so that they can re-align fully prior and possibly shop the playoffs on the open market. 

BUT, they're also already talking about taking it down to 8. Any G5 counting on being included in the new playoff model is setting themselves up for disappointment, especially if they're basing it on their current standing.  

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5 hours ago, MeanGreenTeeth said:

Everybody on here worried about whose going to AAC or MWC or whatever...Am I alone at looking at what's left in any of the remaining conferences and being underwhelmed? Sure some conferences are better than others, but it's really marginal.  I can't imagine the everyday fan or student really caring about any of these teams.   Play East Carolina, Temple, or USF?  Whoopdeedoo.  For the average UNT student, we might as well be playing Howard Payne.   

Welcome to UNT sports for basically every conference season since 1983…what we have today is the best we have had in 50 years…and it’s still not that great

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6 hours ago, ColoradoEagle said:

Did you mean FIU (USF)? I'd agree on all of those. FIU plays football in a soccer stadium, and not a very good one. Basketball is in a high school level gym. No IPF. The one thing they have on us is much higher rated academics.

People keep throwing UTSA out as "The San Antonio media market!" They're in a metro of 2.5m where they're the only football in town and they barely outdraw us. In the end, they do outdraw us, but it's negligible and is far outweighed by their negatives (no football stadium, young program, basketball is a glorified high school gym, no IPF, etc). They're slightly below us academically.

FAU is another school with lackluster facilities. Football stadium is fine, basketball is a HS level gym, and again no IPF. They're no better or worse than us academically.

No, FAU as they were mentioned earlier by another poster along with USF and utsa.

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6 hours ago, untjim1995 said:

Southern Miss is a CUSA legacy. I believe they and UAB are the only ones that are inaugural members still left from CUSA 1.0 that had UH, Cincy, Memphis, Louisville, East Carolina, and Tulane. Eventually, UCF and Marshall got invited, too, as their moves up from 1-AA were far superior to ours in the 90s.

La Tech is the real anomaly. I'm glad they are in CUSA with us, but they have absolutely nothing in common with us, UTSA, FIU, Charlotte, and ODU, all of whom were invited together. Other than LT and WKU, everyone else we have invited, FAU and MUTS, have no market at all.

Actually ECU was the first expansion team. 

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Memphis got in AAC because they were invited to Big East before the hoop schools broke away. 
They had to get 3/4ths vote when half the league didn’t play football. 
Tulane got in because it got popped on the presidents with no warning and they were like yeah elite southern academic we like that and the ADs flipped out that they weren’t consulted. 

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18 hours ago, denton_days said:

Nice article. I thought what he wrote about streaming vs. TV viewership helped clarify why the C-USA deals are so bad. 

It’s a mixed bag. You get fewer eyeballs in 2021 but the networks love getting better data about who is watching. 

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