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Seth now officially on the hot seat

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On 9/12/2021 at 9:56 AM, MeanGreenWarDaddy said:

While I am extremely upset that we lost the game to SMU when we had The opportunities to potentially pull out a win. Last nights game made me feel like we will beat a lot more teams than I originally expected.



If we have a six or higher win season and the games we lose our similar to the SMU game, in my opinion Seth  shouldn’t be in the hot seat. 

this game, was a game that I think a lot of people had marked down as a loss and the way they played impressed me (mostly Defense) even if it wasn’t as great as I would’ve liked.

Ruder threw for 366 yards, that has me positive.

I have to say last nights performance was horrible. I’m honestly at a lost of words to describe how I’m feeling. 


UNT’s performance IMO was no where near how they played SMU*

it was like they didn’t know what was going on. I don’t see how this team will win 6 games this year playing like they did last night. 

if this is any indication of how the rest of the season will be, Seth deserves to be in the HOT SEAT. I am a believer of waiting until the end of the season, but I got to say last nights game didn’t give me good vibes for the rest of the season. 

crazy thing is I really do feel like we have the players to win, maybe not the cream of the crop, but talented enough to win.


*(Granted we are finding out SMU isn’t that great to begin with. After seeing how La Tech pretty much won their game against SMU minus the lucky Hail Mary)

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2 hours ago, Cooke County Kid said:


WIN GAMES!!!!!!!


And your 5 friends you brought to the game said?   🙁

I can count 10 die-hards who did not attend last night’s game.  This is not good.

Many on GMG are looking at other way important things beyond wins, but winning is where it all begins.  

The last 2 seasons result have taken us out of most (not all) re-alignment discussion & that affects a very large northern Texas constituency; in fact, (sorry private universities) but a much larger constituency that y’all can only dream of having.  


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They enjoyed the Hub Club and the view from the Club seats (someone gave them to me)  They said the game s*cked and who was the coach.  One guy said he wanted to come back when it is cooler and we will.  I have season tickets and have  for about 14 years.  We are all old high school buddies and we ran into some more old friends it was an enjoyable evening but that game.............  As you can see I live in Cooke County so it is not far.


WIN GAMES!!!!!!!

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You still da’ man!  We should all copy your example. 

 Agree, Apogee Stadium is special in so many ways. I guess that’s why Cowboys super scout Gil Brandt said (in case y’all never heard this)🙄😊:  “Apogee Stadium is a Taj Mahal of college football & trust me—I’ve seen them all.”  


Still confused?  You must have been one helluva’ slow learner.  Tell us who you are, O Ye brave keyboard warrior. 

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